In this series, we’ll follow Jesus through the six trials he faced on the night of his arrest in the garden – and more fully understand what Jesus says about US through each one.

Although these trials before Jewish and Roman authorities were a complete mockery of justice that ultimately led to his crucifixion, Jesus stood as our perfect substitute to redeem all who would call upon his name for salvation. He endured unimaginable suffering on our behalf to fulfill his purpose and keep God's promise.

In each trial, we’ll see how Jesus turned our “final verdict” into hope and victory, and ultimately, eternal life!

February 26: You are Free
March 5: You are Known
March 12: You are Accepted
March 19: You are Defended
March 26: You are Valued
April 2, Palm Sunday: You are Forgiven
April 9, Easter Sunday: You are Alive 

Sermons in: The Final Verdict What Jesus Says About You


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