Mission Trips

On a PCBC mission trip, you can expect to actively live out your faith. We establish partnerships with local organizations in the regions where our mission trips take place. These local partners undergo a thorough evaluation by our missions staff and PCBC leadership to ensure alignment with PCBC's beliefs. This guarantees that the work you engage in is genuinely necessary to aid their communities and is already proven to be effective and supported locally. This approach also promotes sustainability and prevents creating dependency.

When you embark on a mission trip, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures and ideas in ways that typical trips don't offer. Individuals participate in mission trips for various reasons, whether it's for personal growth, community impact, or to gain insights beyond their everyday experiences.

A short-term mission trip provides: 

  1. Personal development through the practical demonstration of faith

  2. Fresh perspectives from collaborating with individuals of diverse cultures

  3. Novel experiences and activities

  4. A broadened worldview

Participating in a mission trip benefits not only the communities you assist, but it also has a profound impact on you. It will transform and mold you in ways that nothing else can. Your contributions, whether in physical tasks like construction or in showing love and compassion to people in different parts of the world, will result in tangible and meaningful changes to both individuals and communities.

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south texas



In South Texas, we collaborate with our many mission partners in the Rio Grande Valley to bless the community. By joining one of our many mission trips, you will engage in activities such as building beds for families, hosting BSM nights for college students, serving at the local food bank, praying and worshiping with believers in the RGV, and playing games with the kids.





Our team works with our mission partners in Kenya to perform hundreds of eye surgeries to restore sight through corneal transplants, as well as hosting teaching conferences to prepare village pastors to lead their congregations.

  • Teams for Lighthouse Christ and African Christian Outreach (Summer 2025)





We work alongside Potter's House in Guatemala to support families in the community and reach them with the gospel. Joining a mission trip to Guatemala allows you to build relationships through prayer walks in the villages, providing groceries for families, playing games with kids, building necessities for families, and much more.

Student Trip (June 7-14, 2024)

Our Student Ministry will serve the community of Guatemala City alongside our long-term partner, Potter's House International. They'll help construct a home for a family involved in the ministry of Potter's House. Our students will also conduct a VBS for neighborhood children, go on prayer walks into homes, and deliver bunk beds to homes in the community.

Student Team led by Taylor Lowrey.

Cost: $2,000 – includes airfare and expenses in Guatemala. Meals on travel days to and from Guatemala are not included.


  • Deposit of $300 due upon registration
  • Payments of $425 are due February 1, March 1, May 1, and June 1

Questions? Contact Kelly at


Adult/Medical Trip (June 21-28 2024)

Potter's House International has asked that we send a team to Chiquimula to provide basic medical care to an impoverished community, as well as build a hygiene unit that will provide a washing station, shower, toilet, and cooking stove. This team will have the opportunity to go on prayer walks and visit homes in the community. Please pray about joining us on this venture to serve those in great need – medical professionals are needed as well.

Adult/Medical Team led by Kelly Hamilton.

Cost: $1,300 – includes insurance, lodging, and expenses while in the country. Participants are responsible for meals at the airport and airfare – more details on flight information upon registration.


  • Deposit of $250 due upon registration
  • Payments of $350 are due February 1, May 1, and June 1

Questions? Contact Kelly at



caribbean basin



We collaborate with our local partners in the Caribbean to provide support to empower pastors and fortify the local church. Joining a mission trip in the Caribbean means you'll have the opportunity to worship alongside believers, engage in community prayer, lead a Vacation Bible School (VBS), and contribute to organizing a sports camp with our partners.


    Need 8-10 participants
    Dates: July 12-19, 2024
    Cost: Estimated at $2,500
    Team Leader: Susan Switch


    Need 4-5 participants
    July 14-21, 2024
    Cost: Estimated at $3,000
    Team Leader: Monica Beaty


    Need 6-8 participants
    Early November, 4-5 day trip (dates coming soon)
    Cost: TBD
    Visit and pray with pastors that PCBC has supported for years





We work with our local partners in Asia to provide support for pastors and enhance the local church. Joining a mission trip to Asia allows you to engage in activities such as a prayer walk through villages, worshiping with fellow believers, conducting training sessions for pastors, offering encouragement to believers, and assisting the local church in organizing outreach events using the Jesus Film.

  • Asia (March 2025)

missions Staff

Dr. Kelly Hamilton

Missions Minister

office: 214-860-1565

Elizabeth Knight

Ministry Assistant to Missions

office: 214-860-1542

Amin Calvo

Minister of Community Missions/ Associate of SLM

Luisa Angel

Associate Minister to Vickery
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