Mission Partners

Across Dallas, PCBC partners with 12 local ministries whose common goal is building relationships and investing in lives in practical ways. PCBC members serve regularly with each of our local ministry partners and support them through our offerings. Our prayer is that the love of Jesus shines forth in every conversation, relationship, and helping hand offered. Learn more below about how your generosity fuels ministries across Dallas! 

Interested in applying to be a PCBC Mission Partner? Click here for more information!

Local Mission Partners


South Texas Mission Partners

Rio Grande Valley Food Bank

The Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley is passionately committed to improving lives through food assistance, nutrition education, and access to community services. It provides assistance to thousands of individuals each week through programs such as emergency food, mobile pop-up distributions, social services, school supplies, and nutrition education.

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BSM Rio Grande Valley

Our teams work regularly with BSM Rio Grande Valley, who is dedicated to serving college students and communities of the RGV and beyond through free lunches, welcome baskets, and so much more.

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Rio Grande Bible Institute

The Rio Grande Bible Institute develops Christ-centered leaders with a biblical worldview for the global church.

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Global Mission Partners, by country

Our global mission partners extend the ministry of PCBC. We support ministries across the world who plant churches, meet medical needs, mentor and train pastors, host camps for kids, and supply food and humanitarian supplies to those in need – all centered on our mission to lead all generations to love Jesus.


Potter’s House seeks to deliver holistic development programs through their community centers. From physical to spiritual to mental transformation, they want to empower the poor across Guatemala to make significant changes in their own lives and their communities.

Medical professionals from our church family are now forming a new mission team to provide quality healthcare during mission trips to Guatemala.

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African Christian Outreach 

African Christian Outreach has several ministries that engage people with the gospel, equip them through discipleship, and empower them with life-on-life experiences.

Lighthouse for Christ 

Lighthouse for Christ exists to glorify God by healing physical and spiritual blindness in East Africa.

Our Kenya team performs hundreds of eye surgeries to restore sight through corneal transplants, as well as hosting teaching conferences to prepare village pastors to lead their congregations.



PCBC financially supports five local churches in strategic areas and sends two teams annually to conduct a Youth Camp and VBS.


PCBC is active in three countries in Asia through church planting and humanitarian aid. The exact names and locations of ministries are withheld to preserve the safety of those risking their lives to share about Jesus.

Questions about PCBC Mission Partners?

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Partnering with PCBC

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Park Cities Baptist Church to further the Great Commission around the world.


Presently Park Cities is focused on serving these target areas: 

  1. Dallas (Vickery, South Dallas, and West Dallas)

  2. US Church Planting

  3. South Texas

  4. Caribbean and Latin America (select countries)

  5. Africa (select countries)

  6. Asia (select countries)


Our focus is on the following types of work:

1. We go and send people. Through:

  • short-term mission trips with ministry partners

  • equipping our church to love their neighbors like Jesus

  • acts of compassion and humanitarian aid

2. We plant and resource churches. Through:

  • Training local pastors

  • Planting house churches throughout the world

  • Planting churches in large, unchurched cities throughout the U.S. 

Our strategy behind missions at PCBC is driven by the ministry cycle. With worship at the center of all we do, we enter into a new region through an act of compassion, providing us a chance to build a relationship, that then provides the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ. This will lead to the opportunity to disciple another and begin the process again.


What It Looks Like:
• Sponsorship of pastors through seminary training
• Discipleship tools to new believers
• Training for house church leaders
• Language-specific discipleship materials
• Seminars in the U.S. and abroad for ministry leaders

Why We Do It:
We believe that training and discipling the next generation of global church leaders is one of the most important advancements we can make in spreading the Gospel. There are so many courageous and willing pastors and ministry workers around the world who simply do not have the resources they need to impact their communities. The gift of education has proven transformational for these faithful believers and the people they serve.


If your organization is interested in partnering with Park Cities, please fill out the Application for a Financial Request below. Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and members of our Missions Committee.

Applications for our 2024-2025 fiscal year are available.

The financial request process from application to final approval of projects requires several months (approximately December 2023 – June 2024).

If PCBC decides to become a financial supporter of the applicant organization, you will receive notice and an investment agreement stating our commitment and timelines. Notice of acceptance will occur after the final church vote in early June of 2024.

If supported, our financial commitment is based on the stated ministry or project described above. Changes in any aspect, including ministry or location, must be communicated to PCBC in advance for consideration for continuing support. 

Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and members of our Missions Committee.

The deadline for accepting requests for funding is December 15, 2023. Any request that does not comply with the above guidelines will not be considered. Please note that the request process from application to acceptance takes approximately one year.

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