Disaster Relief

While our financial gifts and acts of service are vitally important to accomplishing our planned ministries as a church, they are also critical in allowing us to readily respond in the name of Jesus in times of crisis – by providing food, supplies, clothing, and monetary support to partners across the globe. Read more below about the organizations we are supporting during these crises.


In light of the devastating events taking place in the Middle East, Park Cities Baptist Church is sending $10,000 to TBM: Texans on Mission, to assist in their disaster relief efforts in Israel. Volunteers with TBM are on the ground in Israel providing meals and humanitarian aid to those who have lost their homes and others who are sheltering in bunkers across the area.

Thank you for giving generously so we are able to respond generously. Join us in praying fervently for all those affected by this tragedy and those serving in the region.

To give to the PCBC Disaster Relief Fund, please click here: 

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Maui Disaster Relief

August 2023

In light of the tragic wildfires in Lahaina, PCBC sent $10,000 to TBM: Texans on Mission to aid in the relief efforts for the victims in Maui.
Texans on Mission worked on the ground Hawaii and provided aid through longstanding partners to send food, diapers, and other supplies.


Turkey-Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief

February 2023

On February 6, a massive earthquake struck portions of Turkey and Syria, the deadliest earthquake worldwide since 2010. A winter storm followed the earthquake, causing delays in rescue efforts and further harming survivors trapped in the rubble. As of February 14, the combined death toll rose to 36,000. 
In response to this tragedy, PCBC sent resources from our Disaster Relief Fund to our ministry partners, World Vision, Blessings International, and TBM: Texans on Mission as they provided aid to Turkey and Syria.


Ukraine Disaster Relief

march 2022

As the crisis in Ukraine escalated, PCBC sent resources to our ministry partners directly serving the Ukrainian people impacted by war, violence, and displacement. Because of your generosity to our Disaster Relief Fund, we were able to provide resources to East West, Orphan Outreach, and the Baptist World Alliance as they served affected people groups in Ukraine.

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