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Living Generously

We believe that everything we have—our loved ones, our livelihoods, our possessions, our time, our talent, and our finances—is a gift of grace from God. As caretakers of these gifts, we have the responsibility to faithfully steward them for others’ good and God’s glory. Generosity is simply an overflow of the heart, an outward expression of an inward gratitude and trust in the source and originator of it all—Jesus Christ. 

As an act of worship, giving reorients our hearts toward joyful communion with Christ, reminding us that we have both the privilege and the responsibility to be faithful with His gifts and to watch expectantly as God multiplies and transforms them to change the world.


Fast, convenient, safe. The best way to give consistently without the hassle. Over one-third of all giving to PCBC is done online!

Give Online

By Text Message

Perfect for giving on the go, anytime, anywhere! Complete a simple one-time registration process and that’s it—the joy of giving is only a touch away.

One-time, secure set-up instructions:

Step 1

Send your donation amount (E.g. “100” for $100.00) to 214-438-0146 (21-GIFT-01-GO).

Step 2

Follow the secure link to give us your payment information. If you already have your texting phone number and payment information in an E-Giving profile, you are finished.

Step 3

When finished, you will receive the confirmation message “Thank you for your gift!”

Want to set up text giving from here? Log in and click on “My Account” to add your phone number to your profile or “First Time?” to set up a profile with payment information.

Questions? Call e-Giving Customer Relationship Manager, Angela Sapienza, at 412-620-4078 or 877-771-3336 ext. 2025


Checks, undesignated cash placed in the offering plate in any of our Sunday morning worship services or through our administrative offices.

By Mail

Checks only, no cash, please. Be sure to make any designations on the memo line.

Our Mailing Address:
Park Cities Baptist Church
P. O. Box 12068
Dallas, TX 75225

We believe the PCBC family is uniquely qualified and strategically positioned to make an eternal impact for God’s kingdom within our church body, in the city of Dallas, and around the world. In response to this incredible privilege, we are fiercely committed to the highest standards of financial stewardship and ethical accountability. We believe in practicing transparency in all we do, involving over 100 PCBC members in the planning and allocation of resources for the church’s ministry every year. The yearly budget is reviewed and approved by a finance committee, the fellowship of deacons, and the church congregation at our annual session of Church in Conference. We also submit ourselves to an annual independent audit. In all we do, we seek to glorify Christ with our resources and to openly communicate with our members exactly how their gifts are being used to further the cause of Christ.

“Our goal as we develop the budget is . . . our goal as a church: to combat cultural Christianity and to bring more people into the awesomeness of God’s grace and into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We pray for wisdom and discernment before and after every meeting and every decision we make.” --Casey Gurganus, Chairman of the Finance Committee (former)

In the Gospels, Jesus describes everything we accomplish and accrue during this life as either “treasures on earth” or “treasures in heaven”. What we choose to do with our time and resources matters . . . but only if we dedicate ourselves to making investments that outlive us and last for eternity. Think about what your treasures in heaven will be. Will they include your relationships? Your service? Your church? Through Legacy Giving, you have the ability to invest your income and assets into the future of Park Cities, and ultimately, to growing the Kingdom of God in Dallas and around the world. Imagine the impact you could have . . . the lives that could be changed forever through the treasure God has given you. It’s incredible to think about. If you are in the process of preparing your will or are contemplating how to invest your financial or material assets, prayerfully consider Legacy Giving through Park Cities. We’d love to sit down and speak with you about your vision to make an eternal impact and how we, as your church family, can be a part of it. 

“We have a very generous church. When people think about giving to the church, they think about giving on a regular basis. But one area some people don’t think about is how their assets can continue to make a difference for the glory of God once they are gone. Remembering PCBC in their estate plan is a great way to do that.” –Ken Holdon, Treasurer (former)