Our staff is composed of incredible men and women who are passionate about Jesus and desire to use their gifts and talents to glorify God and love people. Throughout our organization--from leadership and administration, to communications and missions--  we seek to build a culture of innovative excellence where creativity is championed and people feel empowered to do what they do best. To sum it up best: We love what we do. We love who we serve. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and the life of Park Cities.

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Pastoral Leadership

Dr. Jeff Warren

Senior Pastoroffice: 214.860.1500

Rodney Schell

Executive Pastoroffice: 214.860.1559

Spanish Language Ministries

Dr. Rolando Aguirre

Associate Pastor of Teaching and Spanish Language Ministriesoffice: 214.860.3918

Alma Escobar

Ministry Assistant to Spanish Language Ministriesoffice: 214-860-1537

Josh Lozada

Worship Associate

Abner Cortes

Worship Associate

Yanet Toledo

Spanish Language Ministry Coordinator

Amin Calvo

Minister of Community Missions/ Associate of SLM


Brandon Boyd

Operations and Outreach Pastoroffice: 214-860-1556

Valerie Bergstrom

Wedding and Funeral Coordinator (Part-Time)office: 214-860-1531

Ann Chacko

Finance & HR Directoroffice: 214-860-1511

Laurie Elkins

Receptionist/Switchboard Operatoroffice: 214-860-1500

Kathie Smith

Assistant to Executive Pastoroffice: 214-860-1559

Pam Richardson

Financial Associateoffice: 214.860.1509

Gregory Housewright

Director of Life Safety & Securityoffice: 214-860-3957

Melinda Moran

Assistant to Operations & Outreach Pastor/Office Manageroffice: 214-860-1508

Mark Harrison

Director of Properties and Services Ministriesoffice: 214.860.1553

Calli Smith

Events and Project Manageroffice: 214-860-3945

Catherine Rhoades

Executive Assistant to Senior Pastoroffice: 214.860.1500

Ignacio Prado

Housekeeping/Events Supervisor

José Aguilar-Rodriguez

Maintenance Engineer

Felipe Gomez Sanchez

Lead Maintenance Engineer

Hector Morales

Procurement Specialist

Pastoral Care

Dr. Jack Martin

Minister of Pastoral Careoffice: 214-860-3901

Barbara Loest

Boomer/Senior Adult and Prayer Associateoffice: 214-860-1551

Noah Wilson

PCBC Resident

Valerie Bergstrom

Wedding and Funeral Coordinator (Part-Time)office: 214-860-1531

Communications & Creative Arts

Lori Swarner

Communications Directoroffice: 214-860-1526

Kirk Norris

Production & Technical Directoroffice: 214.860.1598

Jess Barfield

Creative Directoroffice: 214.860.1500

Cassidy Davis

Social Media and Content Coordinatoroffice: 214.860.1500

Jake Stein

Production Technicianoffice: 214-860-1546

Whitney Davis

Guest Relations Director/Membership Specialistoffice: 214-860-3902

Ann Roberts

Creative Arts Coordinatoroffice: 214.860.3949

Jeremy Hix

Technical Directoroffice: 214.860.1540

Calli Smith

Events and Project Manageroffice: 214-860-3945

Music & Worship

Stephen T. Carrell

Associate Pastor of Worship & Musicoffice: 214-860-1547

Dr. Han Oh

Great Hall Worship Pastoroffice: 214.860.1548

Jan Cleveland

Administrative Assistant for Worship & Musicoffice: 214-860-1549

Keith Meek

Worship & Music Associate - Orchestraoffice: 214-860-1557

Penny Peek

NextGen Music & Arts Coordinator


Dr. Kelly Hamilton

Missions Ministeroffice: 214-860-1565

Elizabeth Knight

Ministry Assistant to Missionsoffice: 214-860-1542

Amin Calvo

Minister of Community Missions/ Associate of SLM

Luisa Angel

Associate Minister to Vickery


Linda Wachel

Librarianoffice: 214-860-1593

Keith Lowry

Discipleship Pastoroffice: 214-860-1582

Caleb Rhoades

Associate Minister of Men’s and Marriage Ministryoffice: 214.860.1500

Laurel Folmar

Ministry Assistant to the Discipleship Pastoroffice: 214.860.3950

Vinod Thuraka

PCBC Resident

Marty Lewis

Associate Adult Ministeroffice: 214-860-1585

Next Gen Ministries

Lisetta Layer

Preschool Ministeroffice: 214.860.3917

Nickie Bartlett

Day School Directoroffice: 214.860.1520

Neva Knight

Next Gen Ministry Assistantoffice: 214-860-1584

Shelby Todd

Kids Ministry Coordinator

T.J. Marrow

Next Gen Pastoroffice: 214-860-1576

Nathan Holden

Middle School Coordinator

Taylor Lowrey

Student Pastoroffice: 214-860-1574

Hanna Thomas

Preschool Coordinatoroffice: 214.860.1519

Destini Kirkland

Preschool Ministry Assistantoffice: 214.860.1571

Heather Penna

Preschool Coordinator

Corbin Smith

PCBC Resident

Rebekah Mompremier

Kids Ministeroffice: 214-860-1692

Penny Peek

NextGen Music & Arts Coordinator

Emily Smith

Preschool Coordinator

Evey Hulls

Preschool Intern

Young Adults

Travis Cook

Associate Pastor of Teaching and Single Adultsoffice: 214-860-1690

Lorenzo Artami

Adult Ministry Residentoffice: 214.860.3964


Vicki Caldwell

55+Adults Associateoffice: 214.860.1599

Rodney Schell

Executive Pastoroffice: 214.860.1559

Adina Thuraka

55+ Administrative Assistant

Sports & Recreation

Laurie Tharp

Sports & Recreation Program Directoroffice: 214-860-1570
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