PCBC Residency Program

NOTE: Our 2023-24 Residency program is full, and we are now accepting applications for 2024-25. Thank you for your interest!

Welcome to the Park Cities Baptist Church Residency Program. We are thrilled that God has led you to consider giving a year of your life to God’s Kingdom work at Park Cities Baptist. We know that God works through the efforts of his people and that lives will be changed in our church, in our city, and in our world by those who become a part of the residency program here. We could not be more excited about what the next year holds.

And while we look forward to what God is going to do through you at PCBC, we are even more excited at what God will do in you during your year with us. Our hope is that Park Cities will be a spiritual and ministerial greenhouse for you. By the end of your time here, you will hopefully have grown in knowledge of our God, in passion in pursuing him, and in wisdom regarding how he has uniquely gifted you to serve him. 

May God bless you as you begin this journey with us. 

What is the goal of the PCBC residency program?

The goal of the PCBC Residency Program is to strengthen the Body of Christ by cultivating young leaders to serve Jesus in whatever sphere they may find themselves. The goal of the program will be to train brothers and sisters in Christ for a lifestyle of ministry. The tools acquired in the program will be useful in church, para-church, and secular professional settings as well as leading one’s household to follow Christ. 

Is this just a glorified internship?

The differences between a residency and an internship are noticeable and distinct. The primary difference between the two is that the resident will be expected to participate in the leadership of the church and contributing to the creative efforts of making disciples. 

Who should apply?

We are looking for young leaders who are ready to also be adult learners. 

Each resident will bring with them into the program various experiences from their lives and their church background. Some of them will be seminary students or graduates. Some will be lay people looking to explore a future in ministry. Some may be young adults and some may be later in life. Because of this wide range of backgrounds, residents will have a variety of goals, objectives, and areas of focus during their residency program. This is an intentional part of the experience, and as such, we are looking for individuals who are in their final year of college and beyond.

What is the culture of the residency program?

Because the work of the Church is Christ’s work in the world, it is critical that everyone works together in a way that is respectful, gracious, and kind. To that end, the resident, the Ministry Mentor, and the Residency Directors will be actively engaged in ministry together. Everyone will be learning in this process, and all parties involved will be learning from one another, while obviously allowing for differences in life experience, wisdom, and personal history. No one has “arrived” and no one has completed their journey of faith in Christ, and to that end we believe that residents will contribute to the sharpening of everyone coming into contact with the resident. 

How long is the residency program?

As a resident within this program you will be given an 11 month appointment as a part time staff member serving within a specific ministry area and the church at large. 

What does this residency program entail? 

Your appointment to this program will include one-on-one mentorship with a minister on staff, weekly Learning Huddles with ministers and fellow residents, and practical application in both general church settings and a specific ministry focus of your choosing. 

While some components of your appointment will be similar to your fellow residents, much of it will be crafted by you. Your Ministry Focus will be selected by you in concert with ministers at PCBC. Your contributions to the weekly Learning Huddles will be from resources you have chosen, explored, and synthesized for discussion and digestion within the Learning Huddle. Finally, your Ministry Capstone Project will be chosen by you in concert with your Ministry Mentor and the residency directors. 

What do I get out of this program?

This residency program is intended to be a rewarding and encouraging part of your growth toward a future of whole life ministry. You will have an opportunity to serve your church, your city, and your Savior while also accruing valuable experience and opportunities to process your journey with others on the path with you. (As well as with those who are a little further down the path as well!) On top of all of this, you will earn income commiserate with your work.

When do I start?

August 1, 2024

When do I finish?

June 30, 2025

How many hours a week will be required?

Each resident should plan on giving the residency program about 23-28 hours per week. 

How do I get started? 

Your process will start by filling out this application followed by a Prepared for Residency Interview with the residency directors. 

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