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It is counter-cultural today to believe that commitment leads to freedom, but that’s exactly how we see church membership at PCBC. Becoming a member of a local church is a bold statement of faithfulness to a body of believers. It is an outward sign of an inward dedication to walking with and investing in a community who desires to follow Jesus every day. Committing to membership offers stability for families as well as the church as a whole. It says to the world, “We support and love one another. We stand united in being disciples and making disciples. We are committed to leading all generations to love Jesus.” We would love for you to consider joining us!

How Do I Become a Member?

Joining the PCBC family is a simple process! We recommend following the steps below, but you can also begin the membership process right now if that is what you prefer! Just complete the form below to get started:

membership form


If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, the first step is to attend our Discover Class for Newcomers. Typically held the last Sunday of every month, it is a 2-hour class held in a laid-back setting that allows you to learn more about the PCBC family: what we believe, how to get connected, ways to serve, and what it means to be a member. 


After attending Discover, you’ll schedule a meeting with one of our ministers on staff. In this meeting, the minister will hear a little bit about your faith journey, discuss baptism, and give next steps for how to get involved. This conversation also allows you an opportunity to ask questions about PCBC. If the minister can’t answer a question, they will connect you with someone who can.

Step 3: Join by Letter, Statement, or Baptism


Joining by letter means you are currently a member of another Baptist church and would like to transfer your membership letter to Park Cities Baptist. Simply let us know where you are a member, and we will contact them requesting to transfer your letter. This process usually takes less than a month.


Joining by statement means you have committed your life to Jesus and have participated in Believer's Baptism (or baptism by immersion) sometime in the past, regardless of the denomination in which you were baptized.

join by baptism:

If you’ve never been baptized by immersion, this is the time to ask questions. You can see what we believe about baptism here. If you desire to be baptized, we will happily set up your next steps. (Please note, to be a full member of the church, believer’s baptism by immersion – either now or in the past – is required). Contact  for more information about scheduling a baptism.

Are you ready for baptism or need more information? Please complete the appropriate form below:

Baptism for Kids through 5th grade

Baptism for Students 6th grade - 12th grade

Baptism for Adults


After these steps, we will introduce you to the church family as a new member! You’ll be invited to your affirmation Sunday when we will celebrate your membership.


  • WORSHIP:  We desire all members to join us for weekly worship gatherings where we worship our Savior and point each other to Christ.
  • CONNECT: We desire all members to get plugged into a Connect Group. This is where life happens at PCBC. Learn more about Connect Groups here.
  • SERVE: We desire all members to join our mission to lead all generations to love Jesus by serving at church, locally in our city and around the world with our global ministry partners.
  • GIVE: We desire all members to give generously to our mission. You can do so at

Any questions? Reach out to Whitney Davis at 

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