PCBC Facility Rentals

Are you hosting a meeting or event and looking to rent PCBC facilities? We'd love to hear from you and hear more about your needs! Based on availability, facility rentals may be booked after review by PCBC Senior Leadership. All Sunday and weekday ministries have priority access to our campus spaces and priority booking is reserved for PCBC Ministry Partners. 

The Sanctuary will not be available for rental from July 1-December 31, 2024 while interior updates are in progress. Please check back for updates on booking 2025 events.

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The PCBC Facility Rental process:
  1. Fill out this form in its entirety.

  2. Receive a copy of your response as confirmation of receipt.

  3. PCBC Senior Leadership will review events according to calendar availability and church resources. An approval or denial will be sent within two weeks of the request.

  4. If approved, you will receive confirmation of your facility rental details, contract and a payment method for a 50 percent deposit.


Rental Information

  • Facility Rental Requests can be made up to six months in advance, and no later than six weeks in advance. We are unable to accommodate requests within six weeks of an event. PCBC provides a basic room set up of tables and chairs if needed. Any additional setup requests are subject to approval.

  • PCBC does not offer catering services, but groups are able to bring in catering subject to approval in the application.

  • PCBC does not offer venue rentals such as tablecloths, servingware, easels, or other event materials, but groups can bring in their own subject to approval. 

  • Groups are responsible for tearing down and cleaning up all personal items that are brought in.


PCBC does not offer Facility Rentals on Sundays or Wednesdays. PCBC facilities have limited availability during peak seasons, including but not limited to: 

  • Two weeks leading up to Easter

  • Summertime during VBS and kids' camps

  • First two weeks of the Fall semester

  • Christmas and Advent season


Rental Fees

  • Facility rental fee: This is a flat fee that includes the use of the space and a basic set up. The rental fee applies to PCBC members and nonmembers.

  • Deposit: A non-refundable, 50 percent deposit is required upon booking. The remaining balance is due no later than seven days following the event.

  • AV service fees: Audio and Visual services are available at an additional cost and are facilitated at the discretion of the PCBC Production team. AV requests must be disclosed via the request form and cannot be added once an event is approved.


All displays and decorations require prior approval and must conform in all respects to the City of University Park Building Code and Fire Ordinances. The following guidelines must be followed:

  • No materials may be nailed, tied, or taped to any ceilings, walls, floors, or furnishings inside or outside the Church without prior approval.

  • All signage must be tasteful and professionally printed and posted using sticky putty only.

  • Helium-filled balloons are not permitted.

  • No candles are permitted. 

Take a look at our spaces

Activities Parlor

  • Capacity: 80 people 
  • Rental Fee: $150
Choral Hall

  • Capacity: 150 people 
  • Rental Fee: $150

  • Capacity: 100 people 
  • Rental Fee: $100
Ellis Parlor

  • Capacity: 80 people 
  • Rental Fee: $500
Fellowship Hall

  • Capacity: 250 people 
  • Rental Fee: $500

  • Capacity: 1900 people 
  • Rental Fee: $700
Great Hall

  • Capacity: 900 people 
  • Rental Fee: $1200
The Commons

  • Capacity: 200 people 
  • Rental Fee: $750
The Loft

  • Capacity: 200 people 
  • Rental Fee: $300

Please fill out this form for PCBC Facility Rental.
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