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Park Cities Baptist Church is excited to embark on three capital projects that will refresh our central worship space; expand our pastoral care through a peaceful final resting place for families of our church and community; and complete important facility additions and repairs on our church campus.

You may give to the overall Capital Projects Fund, or to individual projects as described below.

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Sanctuary Refresh



The purpose of our Sanctuary Refresh is to create architecturally sensitive updates that will:
·      Allow for a permanent stage that is safe for musicians to enter and exit.
·      Reconfigure choir loft to achieve best sound projection and allow for growth.
·      Upgrade floor coverings for the Sanctuary main level.
·      Enhance audio and visual support (sound, screens, lighting) for worship services and events.
·      Address additional safety issues in the Sanctuary.


(dates are estimated):

  1. May/June 2024 – Construction begins
  2. July-September2024 - Worship held in Ellis Chapel
  3. November 2024 – Construction complete
  4. December 2024 - Sanctuary open for Advent worship, Majesty of Christmas, and Christmas Eve


Questions about the Sanctuary Refresh Project? Email

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Columbarium & Memorial Garden Construction


Columbarium comes from the Latin word "columbary" - a structure for the nesting of doves (symbols of God's spirit and peace). The tradition of the columbarium as a burial vault for the containment of urns goes back centuries.

The PCBC Columbarium & Memorial Garden will provide an enduring and peaceful place of rest, prayer, and reflection for families of PCBC. The setting will include a gated entry, garden, fountain, and seating. Phase One will include the construction of 520 niches, with an additional 560 niches in Phase Two. Each niche holds two urns.




The timeline and opportunity to donate to construction and/or make a purchase is subject to project approval by the City of University Park and will be published when obtained.


When will the project be completed?
Subject to City of UP approval and needed funds raised, we are hopeful the Columbarium would be available during the first quarter of 2025.

When will pricing be known?
The approximate price per niche will be $7,500. Complete pricing will be set by late summer 2024, but there will be a discount during the pre-opening sales period which will end on December 31, 2024.  

What does the inurnment fee include?
The fee for one niche includes space for two urns, the costs of opening and closing the niche at the time of inurnment, inscription of names and dates (birth and death dates), and perpetual care. The fee does not include the cost of cremation, transportation or other off-premises costs, costs of personnel the applicant engages to handle the inurnment memorial services, or the costs of any reception held at the church. 

When will the Columbarium be open?
The Columbarium will generally be open when the church is open to the public and after-hours or holidays by special access. 

Who is eligible to be inurned in the Columbarium?
Current and former church members and their immediate family members. 


The Bible doesn’t give instruction on cremation or offer direction on cremation vs. traditional burial.

We believe in a bodily resurrection of the body. We know that God is omnipotent and is not deterred to resurrect the dead in Christ, regardless of the state of their bodies. All bodies decay - and go “from dust to dust” – a reference to Genesis 3:19. God will miraculously resurrect all of us who have died in Christ, into their perfect heavenly bodies.

Cremation is seen by many as a better stewardship of resources in the care of the deceased and (with limited land space in a city like Dallas) as it offers creation care as well.

Cremation offers a meaningful way for loved ones and friends to reflect and remember their lives and influence in a sacred and easily accessible place.

Have a specific theological question about cremation? Email


Questions about the Columbarium & Memorial Garden Project? Email

deferred maintenance



Improvements, alterations, additions, and repairs to our existing facilities are needed to enhance their functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics – and to be good stewards of the property that God has blessed us with.


A list of projects and costs is forthcoming from the Properties & Services Team.

Questions about the Deferred Maintenance Project? Email

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