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UPDATE TO THE PCBC FAMILY: Friday, May 8, 2020

UPDATE TO THE PCBC FAMILY: Friday, May 8, 2020

05.08.20 | Stories, Articles

    Dear Church Family – 
    I wanted to bring you an update as we have had additional “re-openings” announced by Governor Abbott this week.
    It’s such good news to hear that many things will start returning to normal! We praise God for that progress! We want to stay prepared by following our faith, science, and our government leaders – driven by your best interests as our church family. 
    Some churches are already saying they won’t gather in person until August while others have started this past week. We are talking to many of these churches and weighing all of that information, in order to then make decisions based on our own situation. I want us to be conservative as we reopen – as we have said all along, we do not want anyone to get sick or to die as a result of the decision made by PCBC staff and lay leaders. The role of the Pastor is to shepherd and protect the sheep. I take that responsibility seriously. I cannot imagine a child in our church or a senior adult getting this virus as result of a quick or bad decision that we have made. 
    Thanks to your generosity we are able to meet online and continue to gather as a church. We want to – and are excited to – meet in person as soon as our safety and health will allow! Until then we are fortunate to be able to meet together through our many online gatherings.
    With that, I want to share with you our plans going forward, through the end of summer – with this caveat: these are moveable timeframes! While many are attempting to set hard dates on which they will resume gatherings, we want to stay flexible and informed by the most current data. 
    We plan to reopen the church in 3 phases: 

    Phase One
     is where we are now and we will continue to worship in our homes with our worship leaders doing their part off campus. 
    Phase Two 
    will begin around the first of June - we will continue to gather online but our worship leaders will return to campus to prepare their parts, and all of that will be streamed on Sunday mornings.
    Phase Three 
    is targeted for mid-to-late summer. All who are able will be invited to come to the church campus for worship, and we will continue to stream worship online.
    That’s our plan, as of right now, to make our “return” to the church!
    We have developed a Restart Task Force of our top church leaders to guide us through these Phases. Within the Task Force are five Restart Teams that are going to ensure that every aspect of our “campus life” is made safe for our return. We’ll all be hearing from these teams in the days ahead.
    Let’s pray for our church leaders, support them, and work within their guidelines to ensure that everyone who enters our campus is able to do so with confidence that we are putting their health and safety first.
    Let’s also pray for peace and wisdom as we move through this critical time. In 2 Chronicles 20:12 as all of Judah stood before the Lord with opposing armies surrounding them, they cried out to Him saying, “We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You.”  That passage goes on to say that the Spirit of the Lord came upon them, and assured them that “the battle is the Lord’s.” 
    Our eyes are on Him! Our lives are in His hands! We cannot lose, because the battle is HIS. Let’s keep following Jesus every day. Great days are ahead.

    I love you, church family!



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