This Fall we are excited to launch new PCBC Classes! These are video courses created with the goal of deepening your personal walk with the Lord. Through topical studies and relevant discussions, we seek to empower you to follow Jesus every day. 

PCBC Classes are 4- to 8-week studies and can be completed independently or with a group.


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SCRIPTURE STUDIES: The Silent Treatment

We've all had seasons when we couldn't hear God's prompting and the Holy Spirit seemed far off. What happens when you don't hear God talking? Some theologians call this, "the dark night of the soul."  In this study, we will look at what the dark night is, why it happens, what to do about it, and what benefit may take place on the other side. 


Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story

Seamless, a Bible Study by Angie Smith, helps replace insecurity that holds participants back with clarity and helps them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture. Each week of study features key information that ties all of scripture together into the seamless truth of the gospel message and is accompanied by maps, general Bible facts, and word studies.

Join PCBC members and lay leaders, Magen Thurman and Kelsey Boyd, as they walk women through the Seamless Bible Study. You'll receive access to Angie Smith's study videos, as well as a thoughtful discussion with Magen and Kelsey. You will be blessed by this amazing study this Fall!


Daily Devotion: A study of Philippians and personal time with the Lord

Daily Devotion is a class that walks you through the process of having a daily devotion so that you can develop a lifestyle of walking with God as you read Scripture, meditate, and pray. Whether you are a new believer or just stuck in a devotional rut, this class is meant to encourage and equip you as you strive to develop your own rhythm of having daily devotions.

About Dr. Han Oh: Han is the PCBC Great Hall Worship Pastor and an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University. He is not only a worship leader, but he has pastoral experience in numerous churches across the country. Han is married to Luna and they are starting their second year of marriage together. Since moving to Dallas at the end of 2019, Han and Luna have been grateful for the calling that God has given them to be a part of PCBC!

Reading God’s Word for All Its Worth

This 4-week study led by Dr. Brent Thomason equips believers to understand the Bible as it was intended millennia ago and applies the Bible’s meaning to the 21st century. Together we will examine the historical, grammatical, and theological contexts of each literary genre in the Bible. Additionally, focus will be placed on the usefulness of various translations and Bible study resources. At the conclusion, believers will have the tools necessary to understand God’s Word in a deeper way.

About Dr. Thomason: Dr. Brent Thomason is the Director of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership program at Dallas Baptist University. The MAGL program aims to equip servant leaders to model Christ-like leadership in international and cross-cultural contexts. As the director of this program, Dr. Thomason trains students to be biblically and globally minded. Dr. Thomason also teaches undergraduate courses in both Old and New Testament Survey, allowing him to help lay the foundations of DBU students’ Christ-centered education.

SCRIPTURE STUDIES: The Theology of Chaos

There are many themes throughout Scripture: God creating, rescuing, and restoring a people for himself, the arc of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, king and kingdom, and many, many more. One of the most overlooked themes in Scripture is the theme of chaos. Chaos is rampant throughout Scripture, and at times it seems overwhelming and triumphant. Chaos seems that way in our lives too. Disease, disaster, discord, and disruption seems to dominate our headlines and our hearts. What will God do about it? In this series, we walk from Genesis to Revelation and watch as God moves his fallen creation from chaos to order and redemption.