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[Re] Discover Park Cities - November Series

[Re] Discover Park Cities - November Series

10.17.18 | Stories, Articles, Music & Worship

    Everything in the Christian life finds its origin in Jesus. For the followers of Jesus, it all recalibrates back to Him, His life, His mission, and His love. The Church exploded out of His life, death, and resurrection and His mission, now given to us. But it’s possible for God’s people to steer off course, to get away from our Founder’s original intent. Indeed, all organizations are prone to do so.

    Staying on course demands that we continue to go back to Jesus, back to His heart, His love, and to capture how He is leading us to accomplish His mission in our day. Every church has a unique expression of that mission and here at PCBC, ours is a God-given, distinct expression for our community and the world. Throughout November we will explore and celebrate how we are accomplishing Christ’s mission, here and now. You will discover your place in God’s kingdom and how to live your life on purpose with Him.

    Download Rediscover Workbook

    October 28

    • Printed Rediscover handbooks available

    November 1–30

    • 30 Days of Prayer – complete guide in Rediscover handbook

    November 4–25

    • Rediscover Park Cities taught in Worship Gatherings AND Connect Groups
    • Corporate Prayer Gatherings every Sunday from 8:30-9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall

    November 11

    • Discover Park Cities class at 9:15 am for those interested in joining our church family
    • Call to Prayer at 5:00 pm in the Great Hall

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