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Prayers from the Boiler Room

Prayers from the Boiler Room

05.15.19 | Stories, Articles, Prayer

    The nineteenth century English preacher, Charles Spurgeon, often referred to the prayer gatherings of his church as the “boiler room"— the underground powerhouse that fueled the life of his ministry.

    "Prayer is at the heart of every effort, as both a practice and a reflection of our priorities as a church family," said Pastor Jeff Warren at the outset of the Rediscover series last November. Sunday morning prayer gatherings began taking place at 8:30 am in PCBC’s “boiler room”—the Fellowship Hall—the part of our building closest to its foundation. Attendance grew each week as individuals, families, and members of all ages committed to come together for corporate prayer.

    Once the series concluded, there was no thought of discontinuing the prayer time—it had been too meaningful to all who took part.

    “Our Sunday prayer gathering is the most beneficial event I have ever attended. Not only is it Biblical but it seems that God moves so many mountains as His children gather together in unity,” says Laurel Lopez, who serves on PCBC’s Prayer Committee.

    Dr. Debi Newman-Reisling, our Minister of Congregational Care and Women, says that one of the priorities of our weekly prayer time is to help people learn to pray.

    “It has been exhilarating to experience the importance our members place on prayer by gathering weekly,” explains Prayer Committee leader Kathy McDaniel. “People come and learn to pray as our Pastor teaches us how to praise God, confess our sins, thank God and ask boldly for Him to work in and through us.”

    All are invited! “You only need to bring an open heart with a desire to connect with God,” explains PCBC’s staff Prayer Associate, Barbara Loest.

    Churchwide Prayer

    8:30–9:00 am Sundays | Fellowship Hall

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