What do we do in life when "normal" just isn't working and we need a better way? We seek the best guidance possible in order to set our feet on a better path. This summer, we'll be on a journey through Hebrews to discover that it provides us with a timeless "field guide" for our faith - assuring us that Jesus is better, supreme, and sufficient for our daily lives and eternal security.

During this series we’ll be reading through the book of Hebrews together as a church family - download your reading plan below or pick one up on campus.

download kids reading plan

BETTER: A Journey Through Hebrews
June 4 - August 6, 2023

June 4: A Better Guide
June 11: A Better Family
June 18: A Better Leader
June 25: A Better Rest
July 2: A Better Comfort
July 9: A Better Security
July 16: A Better Promise 
July 23: A Better Confidence 
July 30: A Better Path
August 6: A Better Life

Sermons in: Better A Journey Through Hebrews


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