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What is PCBC's budget?
  • PCBC's planned expenditures from July 2023 to June 2024 are $16,454,197.
  • $3,354,197 of the budget is offset by ministry fees collected for events, camps, retreats, tuition for Day School and designated gifts previously given to the church.
  • $13,100,000 is what is called the “net budget” that is dependent upon our church family’s faithful giving to the church throughout the fiscal year.
How much did the budget change from last year?

The net budget for fiscal year 2022-2023 was $13,100,000. Our net budget stayed flat from the previous fiscal year.

How is the budget managed?

The budget is managed through a combination of pastors, ministry staff and committees. There are internal processes in place for submitting and approving ministry expenditures. We believe in practicing transparency in all we do, involving over 100 PCBC members in the planning and allocation of resources for the church’s ministry every year. The yearly budget is reviewed and approved by a finance committee, the fellowship of deacons, and the church congregation at our annual session of Church in Conference. We also submit ourselves to an annual independent audit. In all we do, we seek to glorify Christ with our resources and to openly communicate with our members exactly how their gifts are being used to further the cause of Christ.

How can I get more information about PCBC finances?

Contact Brandon Boyd, Operations and Outreach Pastor at 

Are there untraditional ways I can give to PCBC?

Yes! You can make a stock transfer, a qualified charitable IRA distribution, or designate a legacy gift through your estate. Our Finance Team can help you with any of those transactions by contacting 

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