Dedications and Baptisms

child Dedications

Park Cities Baptist Church offers opportunities in our worship venues to dedicate your children and yourselves as parents, to the Lord.  As members of the PCBC family, your church family also covenants to support and pray for your family. Prior to the dedication service you will be scheduled for a Child Dedication class if you have not already participated in one.

Upcoming dates:

Jan. 16, 2022- Great Hall
Feb. 20, 2022- Sanctuary
May 8, 2022- Great Hall
June 19, 2022- Sanctuary
Sep. 11, 2022- Great Hall
Oct. 9, 2022- Sanctuary
Nov. 13, 2022- Great Hall


Please contact PCBC Kids at  for information about Child Dedication classes and any questions. 


child baptisms

As your child expresses their desire to follow Christ and be baptized, please contact PCBC Kids at   to set up a family visit with our Elementary Minister.