Church Governance

Officers & Trustees

Deacon Officers for FY2023

Deacon Chair: Philip Price

Deacon Vice-Chair: Jerry Ewing

Deacon Secretary: Brandon Webb

Trustees for FY2023

Keith Beasley (President)
Kelly Crawford (Personnel Chair)
Jerry Ewing (Deacon Vice Chair)
Robert LeMay (At Large)
Brad Martin (Treasurer)
Aimee McClanahan (At Large)
Philip Price (Deacon Chair)
Jeff Warren (Senior Pastor)
Fred Pendleton (At Large)

Church Officers for FY2023

Moderator: Jered Dobbs
Assistant Moderator: Justin Zukoff
Assistant Moderator: Bryan Lawrence
Assistant Moderator: Kris Hill

Church Clerk: Hope Robinson
Assistant Church Clerk: Paul Noland

Treasurer: Brad Martin
Assistant Treasurer: Matt Killebrew


Standing Committees are a vital part of our ministries at Park Cities Baptist Church as we take the message of Christ to our community and the world. The following is a listing and description of standing committees and the spiritual gifts identified that might assist in the ministry.

Baptist Partnerships

The Baptist Partnerships Committee promotes and advances the church’s Baptist heritage and distinctiveness, and in doing so to identify and recommend support for those Baptist causes that are both compatible with the church’s values and serve to advance God’s kingdom. It will consist of three sub-committees:

Missions: Identify, investigate and recommend funding for Baptist sponsored or affiliated mission efforts;

Educational/Theological: Identify, investigate and recommend funding for educational and theological opportunities within the church and through support of Baptist seminaries and other educational entities; and

Other Baptist Causes: Serve as resource to the church in connection with its relationships with denominational and inter-denominational entities and educational institutions and recommend financial support as appropriate.

Gifts: Administration, Evangelism, Leadership, & Serving

  • Drew Brown
  • Donna Chronister
  • Ken Holden
  • John-Michael Kretz
  • Rodney Schell (Staff Liaison)
  • James Schmeltekopf
  • Matt Sibley (Chair)
  • Ken Stone
  • Nancy Young
  • Jacy Russell
  • Duke Battle
Childhood Education

The Childhood Committee supports the Childhood ministry by offering input into the ministry, help in carrying out program initiatives and aiding in the enlistment for the ministry programs.

Gifts: Administration, Hospitality, Leadership, & Serving

  • Jennifer Adams (Chair)
  • Keith Evetts
  • Sarah Hefton
  • Jennifer Colvin
  • Matt Killebrew
  • Matt Lockridge
  • Dayme Walther
  • Logan Collins
  • Chase Davis, Jr.
  • Sarah Hall
  • Andrew Silverthorn
  • Cory Thurman (Staff Liaison)
  • Marty Lewis (Staff Liaison)
  • TJ Marrow (Staff Liaison)
  • Jay Miller (Staff Liaison)

The Communications Committee guides in the selection and utilization of the church’s communication tools. Using innovative and creative ideas, they make recommendations based on the most appropriate media type for the distribution of each message.

Gifts: Administration, Leadership, & Serving

  • Emma Brezik
  • Amanda Carrell
  • Brett Dossey
  • Rachel Orsak (Chair)
  • Molly Livingstone
  • Becky Wade
  • Eden Harkins
  • Jessica Lemmond
  • Lori Swarner (Staff Liaison)

The Finance Committee facilitates the budget process, approves designated expenditures, provides oversight for the stewardship function, and assists the Church Treasurer with the church’s fiduciary responsibility.

Gifts: Administration, Giving, Leadership, & Serving

  • Jessi Bailey
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Brandon Boyd (Staff Liaison)
  • Kayla Kelley (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Nancy Ashby
  • Bayle DeJean
  • Brad Martin (Treasurer/Chair)
  • Lauren Paulsen
  • Alex Taylor
  • Bill Ballinger
  • David Day
  • Lamar Meaders (Staff Liaison)
  • Nathan Dodge
  • Paul Floyd
  • Rodney Schell (Staff Liaison)
  • Ian McCracken

The Missions Committee helps guide the Missions ministry which exists to help the members of Park Cities Baptist Church fulfill the Great Commission. This is accomplished primarily through ministries that cross boundaries such as geography, culture, language, and socio-economic differences. These ministries utilize the giftedness of individual Christians, are cooperative partnerships where possible, and are directed by servant leaders in a team environment.

Gifts: Administration, Evangelism, Leadership, & Serving

  • Brandon Boyd (Staff Liaison)
  • Angela Borden
  • Mark Chronister (Chair)
  • Jered Dobbs
  • Dan Ellis
  • Amy Jodry
  • Rachel Bower
  • Jeremy Copeland
  • Ryan Busboom
  • Rebekah Louis
  • Barry Daggs
  • Dennis Dronzek
  • Juan Valdez

The Personnel Committee provides human resource expertise from lay membership in conjunction with church staff. The committee provides review and input regarding annual compensation and benefits issues for church employees, participates in the hiring process from identifying candidates to conducting interviews and providing hiring recommendations, and assists in the evaluation of processes and procedures involving personnel issues.

Gifts: Administration, Leadership, & Serving

  • Johnny Bond
  • Susan Brokaw
  • Sarah Gahm
  • Mike Holt
  • Laura Downing
  • Rusty Hill
  • Mike Mason
  • Kelly Crawford (Chair)
  • Mark Crites
  • Dana Dodgen
  • Laurie Ewing
  • Rodney Schell (Staff Liaison)
  • David Harper
  • Mike Taylor
  • Chad Salge
  • Brandon Boyd (Staff Liaison)

The Prayer Committee seeks to support the ministries of PCBC through prayer. They accomplish this through several avenues of prayer emphasis including: a prayer room (on-site and on-line), various prayer groups across the life of the church, prayer classes, and participation in the National Day of Prayer annually.

Gifts: Faith, Intercession, & Serving

  • Candice Wright
  • Sam Osteen
  • Cinnamon Thompson (Chair)
  • Linda Montie
  • Christian Oliphant
  • Bill Pyke
  • Han Oh (Staff Liaison)
  • Barbara Loest (Staff Liaison)
  • Glen Rice 
  • Emilia Thomas
  • Lora Welty
Properties & Services

The Properties / Services Committee guides the maintenance of all church structures, facilities and tangible personal property; helps provide a physical environment for church members and staff which is suitable to perform our labors for God and conducive to the worship of God; and executes fiduciary responsibilities in an efficient and economic manner.

Gifts: Administration, Leadership, & Serving

  • Daniel Dunnsworth
  • Norm Alston
  • Blake Lawrence
  • Terry Springer
  • Wes Bowen
  • Mark Harrison (Staff Liaison)
  • Jim Nation
  • Caleb Robinson
  • Paul Noland (Chair)
  • Robert (Bob) Taeger
  • Brett Ratliff
  • Rodney Schell (Staff Liaison)
  • Ben Simmons