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Year of the Bible

Year of the Bible


    What is Year of the Bible?

    Year of the Bible 2019 is the thread for all of our ministry, missions and Sunday morning messages. All during the year we are traveling through God's word to look at various themes to discover how Christ is present in all of scripture and how the whole of scripture is relevant in our lives today.

    As a church family, we are going to read the entire Bible in 2019, beginning on January 7. You’ll find our reading plan below! 


    Reading Plan

    There are two ways that you can access the Year of the Bible reading plan...

    Note:  Be sure to set start date in Read Scripture app "Settings" to January 7.

    Download the "Read Scripture" App

    Download & Print the Reading Plan

    Sermon Schedule

    January 6 – February 10

    What is the Bible?

    February 17 –   24 

    The Word Spoken By the Word - Jesus Quoting the Old Testament

    March 10 – April 21

    King David

    April 28– May 26

    The Book of Romans

    June 2 – August 11

    What Does the Bible Say About...?

    August 18September 15

    A Word-Shaped Church - A Biblical Look at the Bride of Christ – the Church

    September 22 –  October 20

    The Book of Revelation - The End of the Beginning

    October 27–  November 24

    Christmas Series

    December 1–  29


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