Birth - Kindergarten

Birth - Kindergarten

Welcome to PCBC Kids!

Our early childhood ministry is all about showing kids they are deeply loved by their families, their church, and by God. Infants and toddlers are introduced to these concepts through attentive and compassionate care, the joy of play, singing together, and hearing Bible stories. It’s a thrill to watch our preschoolers and kindergarteners learn Scripture by exploring and creating through exciting hands-on activities. As our church family grows, our continued prayer is for every child at PCBC to experience the love of God in a genuine and lasting way, and to follow Jesus every day. 

PCBC Day School

For over 70 years, the PCBC Children’s Choir Ministry has been encouraging children to love, follow, and serve Jesus. Each week, trained directors and volunteers teach hundreds of our children how to lead in worship, ingraining God’s Word upon their hearts and minds with great hymns and songs of faith that bring generations together. We welcome all children ages 2 through 6th grade to learn to sing praises for a lifetime! You do not have to be a member of PCBC for your child to be a part of choir! We ask that you stay on campus while your child attends choir.

*By May 15
A parent or other responsible adult must accompany each child in 2-year-old choir. There is an enrollment limit in this choir only because of the interactive curriculum.

  • Locations: Community Life Center/Pleitz Building/Choral Hall
  • Time: 5:30 pm
  • Contact: Karen Zukoski | or 214.860.1552

Park Cities Baptist Church offers opportunities in our worship venues to dedicate your children, and yourselves as parents, to the Lord. The church family also covenants to support and pray for your family.

Upcoming Dates

Sanctuary – 1/19, 4/19, 9/20
Great Hall – 2/16, 5/10 (Mother’s Day), 10/18

Please contact Lisa Chamness at for information about Parent Dedication classes and to schedule your date to be presented in the worship service.


Meet the Staff

Marty Lewis

Minister to Preschool

office: 214-860-1585

Lisa Chamness

Childhood Associate to Babies, Ones and Twos

office: 214.860.3910

Cindy Farmer

Childhood Education Associate - Threes – Kindergarten (Part-Time)

office: 214-860-1519

Nickie Bartlett

Day School Director

office: 214.860.1520

Neva Knight

Preschool Ministry Assistant

office: 214-860-1523