About Giving

Giving is as much of a blessing for the Christian believer as it is for God's church and His kingdom. The Bible teaches that Christians are to give generously of their financial resources, but also of their talents and their time. Park Cities Baptist Church depends on the financial support of members and other donors. The money pays for every aspect of the church, including support of ministries and missions far beyond our campus. For the Christian believer, giving to God returns to us lessons in trust and obedience that further build our faith and character. For more information, see "What the Bible Says" about giving.

The biblical standard for believers is to give systematically and sacrificially. God wants His children to give their best—not just what's left over—and He wants us to give as a regular and routine part of our lives—not as just an afterthought. Always, giving is to be an expression of our devotion to God.