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    JOB - Sept 23–Oct 31 Sermon Series

    09.12.18 | Stories | Articles | Music & Worship

    The Book of Job has long been praised as a masterpiece of literature, one of the greatest books ever written. Victor Hugo said, “Tomorrow, if all literature was to be destroyed and it was left to me to retain one work only, I should save Job.”...

      Ten Commandments: June-July Series

      05.31.18 | Stories | Articles | Music & Worship

      The Ten Commandments were given to Moses 3,500 years ago. That was a long time ago. Are they still applicable today? Do they need to be updated for our time, or do they need to be upheld for all time? And if they still apply, how do we live...

        Kingdom Building

        05.17.18 | Stories | Articles | Missions | Generosity

        In late 2017, Jim Ramsey embarked on a journey full of risk and uncertainty to pursue the calling God was stirring in his heart. Leaving behind the successful career he had built at Price Waterhouse Cooper, Jim took on a new role as President of...

          Serving as One

          05.14.18 | Stories | Articles | Interest | Missions

          Serve Dallas Day was a church-wide service day dedicated to supporting our local ministry partners across the city. Over 20 Connect Groups —about 350 people— were at 10 locations. “Service is a lifestyle, a pillar, a part of our DNA as a church,”...

            "What's Next?": April-May Series

            04.02.18 | Stories | Articles | Interest

            The power of hope keeps each of us going, every day of our lives. In so many ways, the question that drives us is, “what’s next?” Post-Easter, surely the disciples were asking, “what’s next?” Even today, in light of the Resurrection, how does it...

              Grief to Joy

              03.31.18 | Stories | Articles | Married Adults | Family | Adoption & Foster Care

              “There was a lot of grief when this little girl who was in our home, had to leave. We asked a lot of questions. We asked, ‘Why?’ Today we know there is joy and hope at the other end of grief, through Christ.” Hear PCBC members Sarah and Ryan Tew...