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    Identity l April 19 – May 31 Sermon Series

    04.09.20 | Stories | Articles

    Most of us define ourselves by what we do or what we have, a job or position, or by our past or our hopes for the future. Many of us spend a lifetime trying to forge our own identity, creating what we hope will be true of us. There are many...

      How Our Church is Addressing Coronavirus

      03.08.20 | Stories | Articles

      As of March 5, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services reported that there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in North Texas, and further stated that the risk for all Texans remains low.

        This Jesus | February Sermon Series

        02.02.20 | Stories | Articles

        Is it possible that we have, over time, created our own Jesus—one that is a lot like us, agrees with us, doesn’t oppose us? Do you follow “this Jesus”—the real, counter-cultural Jesus – or “that Jesus”—the cultural, accommodating Jesus? This...

          Welcome Han Oh | Great Hall Worship Pastor

          02.02.20 | Stories | Articles

          Han has been a worship pastor at churches in California, Florida, Maryland, and Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University, a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D in Leadership Studies from Dallas...