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    What is the Bible? - Feb. 17 - Mar 6. Sermon Series

    02.11.19 | Stories | Articles

    The Bible is an intimidating book. With over 1200 pages, 66 books and about 40 authors, it’s not easy to get your mind around it. What is it and what is it all about? Why is it the most popular book of all time? Where did it come from? Who wrote...

      Life on Purpose: Kristin Hodges

      01.17.19 | Stories | Articles

      In the Fall of 2016, Kristin Hodges was a sophomore college student majoring in Music Education and participating in drum core at SMU. “I was raised Anglican and hadn’t gone to church since I was a senior in high school. I had a lot of questions...

        Beginnings - January Sermon Series

        01.01.19 | Stories | Articles

        The Story of Redemption starts at the beginning of time. Genesis means “beginning,” “coming into being,” or “origin.” Genesis explains not only the beginning of all Creation, but the origin of the human story, of life, and all relationships. In...

          Little Things That Matter Most

          12.19.18 | Stories | Articles | Missions

          Last year, Candi Hollingsed and her 13-year-old son Jack made Christmas extra special for 57 elderly residents from a local nursing facility. “It all started with a divine ‘nudge,” shares Candi . . . “I asked if they had any plans for Christmas...

            Connecting with Hope - The Hildebrands

            12.12.18 | Stories | Articles

            Natalie and Chris Hildebrand have been a part of our church family since 2007—back when they were newly graduated Aggies living in Dallas and in their early days of dating. Over a decade later and with two children (Charlie and Hannah), the...

              Faith and Work: The Right Prescription

              12.06.18 | Stories | Articles

              Our everyday lives—our careers, our commutes, the work that fills our days—can often seem incongruous, or even counteractive our faith. PCBC members Stan Kwan and his wife, Dr. Karen Kwan, find the tension all too familiar.

                Colors of Christmas - December Sermon Series

                11.26.18 | Stories | Articles

                The Colors of Christmas are many, and each has a special meaning. Kids of all ages are dreaming of a white Christmas as the sounds of silver bells tell us it’s Christmastime in the city. Some of us anticipate a blue Christmas in the midst of...

                  Exactly Where He Needs to Be

                  11.26.18 | Stories | Articles

                  Jeff White heard God’s voice and answered – by devoting himself more fully to his family, to his employees and to PCBC through leading and discipling men to follow Jesus every day. “Everyone has a story, and if we could all share those stories...