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    The Call to Multiply

    06.12.19 | Stories | Articles

    PCBC members Eydie and John Ginn faced a dilemma: to stay with their growing “Seekers” Connect Group or to become the leaders of a new one. “We really had no thought of leaving such a wonderful group,” John remembers. “But here’s the thing--when...

      Chasing Joy

      06.05.19 | Stories | Articles

      Caroline French’s headaches were getting worse. What started out as a mild complaint by the 6-year-old in the late spring of 2018 quickly escalated to a daily problem that deeply concerned her parents, Stacey and Dr. Dan French. After passing two...

        A Stranger's Generosity

        05.29.19 | Stories | Articles

        “If we can’t reach out to a serious need this close to our church where our members can be directly involved in ministry, we need to ask ourselves: what are we here for?” Ever wonder how PCBC’s En Español ministry got started? Read on to find out...

          Romans Road Trip // Summer Sermon Series

          05.22.19 | Stories | Articles

          The Book of Romans is arguably the greatest theological treatise ever written. In it, Paul brilliantly unpacks the Gospel, the Good News of God’s rescuing grace in Christ. Having been rescued from a life of religious moralism, Paul found a...

            God's Word in Every Language

            05.21.19 | Stories | Articles | Missions

            Between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday 2019, PCBC members gave $294,795.89 towards “Give Up To Give,” a church-wide initiative to bring God’s Word to “New Shoots” people groups located in the densely forested hills of South Asia. Read on to find...

              Prayers from the Boiler Room

              05.15.19 | Stories | Articles | Prayer

              The nineteenth century English preacher, Charles Spurgeon, often referred to the prayer gatherings of his church as the “boiler room”—the underground powerhouse that fueled the life of his ministry. Did you know that we have a “boiler room”...

                Power: The Life of King David

                04.18.19 | Stories | Articles

                Perhaps you’ve heard Lord Acton’s famous statement, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He followed, “Great men are almost always bad men..."  But is this true? And what does his statement say about the...

                  What is the Bible? - Feb. 17 - Mar 6. Sermon Series

                  02.11.19 | Stories | Articles

                  The Bible is an intimidating book. With over 1200 pages, 66 books and about 40 authors, it’s not easy to get your mind around it. What is it and what is it all about? Why is it the most popular book of all time? Where did it come from? Who wrote...