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Church Re-opening Updates

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    Praying for our healthcare workers: Kelly's Story

    04.28.20 | Serve

    "It is such an honor to serve families during this unknown time in our community. I feel like God is using me each day and am blessed to be His hands and feet. Even though at times I feel anxious or weary, he provides me with energy, peace...

      Showing God's love: The Robinson Family

      04.28.20 | Serve

      The Robinson Family adopted Mr. Rivera’s second grade class at Jack Lowe Elementary this year! They've read to the class, thrown class parties and walked alongside a student and her family during a health scare. This week they joined the class...

        Loving our neighbors: 4000 sandwiches distributed

        04.28.20 | Serve

        PCBC members come together every Thursday to collect and distribute sandwiches at Cornerstone Kitchen. Through meeting the basic needs of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in South Dallas, Christ's love is being shared in tangible ways.

          Identity l April 19 – May 31 Sermon Series

          04.09.20 | Stories | Articles

          Most of us define ourselves by what we do or what we have, a job or position, or by our past or our hopes for the future. Many of us spend a lifetime trying to forge our own identity, creating what we hope will be true of us. There are many...

            How Our Church is Addressing Coronavirus

            03.08.20 | Stories | Articles

            As of March 5, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services reported that there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in North Texas, and further stated that the risk for all Texans remains low.

              This Jesus | February Sermon Series

              02.02.20 | Stories | Articles

              Is it possible that we have, over time, created our own Jesus—one that is a lot like us, agrees with us, doesn’t oppose us? Do you follow “this Jesus”—the real, counter-cultural Jesus – or “that Jesus”—the cultural, accommodating Jesus? This...

                Welcome Han Oh | Great Hall Worship Pastor

                02.02.20 | Stories | Articles

                Han has been a worship pastor at churches in California, Florida, Maryland, and Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University, a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D in Leadership Studies from Dallas...