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    Galatians Sermon Series

    06.28.22 | Stories | Articles

    GalatiansFinding Freedom in Christ Throughout the summer and early fall we'll focus on the Gospel of God’s freeing grace in Christ. True freedom is misunderstood by many, because the freedom found in Christ will never come through our own...

      The Gospel According to Jesus Sermon Series

      03.01.22 | Stories | Articles

      NEW SERMON SERIES:The Gospel According to Jesus: a study of the Gospel of Matthew Who is this King? Why should we follow Him? What does it mean to live in the Kingdom? This Easter season and throughout the Spring, we’ll be exploring the...

        Patterns of Prayer Sermon Series

        01.04.22 | Stories | Articles

        How do we begin a new year with a new and refreshed walk with God? It all starts with prayer. Jesus has given us a model prayer that is so much more than something we quote from memory – rather, it is a practice of constant communication...

          Awaiting Advent Sermon Series

          11.24.21 | Stories | Articles

          For us as believers, “Advent” references the coming of Christ – His promise, His rescue, His presence, and His return. However you are entering this Christmas season – whatever it is you might be waiting for, expecting, or...

            Better Together Sermon Series

            11.05.21 | Stories | Articles

            God designed His church to be “better together” – where each of us as believers finds our place among God’s people in sharing the Gospel, continually moving forward to point others to Jesus, and doing all things in...

              All Things New: A Study of Philippians

              08.12.21 | Stories | Articles

              God is always doing a new thing – because He is the Creator of all things! No matter your age, your situation, or your challenges, God is always revealing His infinite love in new ways. When God’s people were being oppressed in exile...

                PARADOX: Living in the Upside Down Kingdom of God

                06.03.21 | Stories | Articles

                To follow and live the way of Jesus is countercultural to what many believe is the path to success, even in the Church. The book of I Timothy is a letter that Paul, seasoned in his faith, sent to the younger church leader to mentor him in guiding...

                  COVID-19 Updates from PCBC Medical Team

                  05.11.21 | Stories | Articles

                  Find the latest recommendations and FAQs from our Medical Team as they discuss herd immunity, mask requirements, vaccines, and more – plus guidelines for coming back to the church for worship, connect groups, and activities. Learn More

                    New Worship Schedule Begins April 11, 2021

                    03.25.21 | Stories | Articles

                    On April 11, the Sunday after Easter, we will begin a new worship schedule that allows us to continue to make safety a priority, bring our Kids and Students back, PLUS phase in our Adult Connect Groups in a way that makes the best use of our...