LOcal outreach

Generosity is the very heart of our church family. Teaching our kids about Jesus, helping people park, guiding guests on our campus, offering hands-on help in the community through our ministry partners, planting churches and traveling around the world to share the Gospel— all are part of the missional DNA that brought Park Cities Baptist Church into existence and that drives us still today.  Invest your experience, talent, and passion to make a difference for the Kingdom!


Love Vickery

Park Cities Baptist Church is invested and involved in the Vickery Meadow community, sharing the love of Christ by serving our neighbors and helping meet their needs.

There are ways for you to be involved in person or virtually and no matter your age or life stage. Check here often for opportunities that you and your family can serve together.
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Blanket South Texas

Join us for Blanket South Texas - an October blanket collection drive at PCBC! We are collecting blankets that will be delivered to families living along the Rio Grande Valley.

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Strategy and Vision

What it looks like:
• Care for orphans
• Provide clean water
• Distribute food and clothing
• Improve substandard housing
• Support medical clinics
• Invest in microloan projects

Why We Do It:
During his time on earth, Jesus continually practiced radical compassion in action towards people on the margins of society. We believe that providing for practical needs helps build a foundation on which we can develop lasting relationships with people and to share the Gospel.


What it looks like:
• Jesus film screenings
• Large-scale conferences and events
• Partnering with and supporting local churches
• One-on-one evangelism
• Providing resources for pastors and churches worldwide

Why We Do It
The message of salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ is a gift we are determined to share with the world. The Gospel has the power to transform the heart of an individual and to revolutionize entire nations. Through it we see families flourish, churches grow, communities find freedom, and societies embrace hope. Jesus changes everything!


What It Looks Like:
• Sponsorship of pastors through seminary training
• Discipleship tools to new believers
• Training for house church leaders
• Language-specific discipleship materials
• Seminars in the U.S. and abroad for ministry leaders

Why We Do It:
We believe that training and discipling the next generation of global church leaders is one of the most important advancements we can make in spreading the Gospel. There are so many courageous and willing pastors and ministry workers around the world who simply do not have the resources they need to impact their communities. The gift of education has proven transformational for these faithful believers and the people they serve.


Thank you for your interest in partnering with Park Cities Baptist Church to further the Great Commission around the world and taking the gospel to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the Ends of the Earth.

  • Presently Park Cities is focused on these target areas:
  • Dallas (Vickery, South Dallas and West Dallas)
  • US Church Planting: NYC & North Oak Cliff (Dallas)
  • South Texas
  • Caribbean and Latin America (select countries)
  • Africa (select countries)
  • Asia and Southeast Asia (select countries)

Our Focus & Strategy

Our mission focus is on the following types of work: compassion, evangelism and church planting and education/leadership training.

Our strategy behind missions at PCBC is driven by the ministry cycle. With worship at the center of all we do, we enter into a new target region through an act of compassion, providing us a chance to build a relationship, that then provides the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ. This will lead to the opportunity to disciple another and begin the process again. Beginning the Partnership Process

If your organization is interested in partnering with Park Cities please fill out the Application for a Financial Request below. Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and members of our Missions Committee.


Applications for July 2023-June 2024 are available now. If your organization is interested in partnering with Park Cities, please fill out the "Application for Financial Support. Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and members of our Missions Committee.

The deadline for accepting requests for funding is December 15, 2022 at 5:00pm. Any request that does not comply with the above guidelines will not be considered. Please note that the request process from application to acceptance takes approximately one year.

For more information contact the Missions Office.