Lobortis risus, et feugiat purus venenatis et convallis sit.

The Twin Cities: Hypocrisy and Self-Deception // Romans Road Trip //Travis Cook

Jun 09, 2019 | Travis Cook

Romans 2

Most people’s response to the recognition that they aren’t perfect or that they are “bad people” or have “done bad things” is to simply get better. The human response to the truth of Romans 1, is to take a stop in the Twin Cities of Hypocrisy – looking good on the outside but false on the inside, and Self-Deception – believing that enough good works can outweigh the brokenness and sin in your heart and in your life. The Christian is constantly tempted to vacation and even live here, but it is a temptation that must be resisted by remembering the depth of our sin, and the greatness of our Savior. A clear indication that one is vacationing here is a judgmental heart toward others.

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