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How We Are Responding to Racial Reconciliation

We seek to be a church family that lives out the Gospel with love for every person, no matter their race or creed, as wholly-created in the image of God. Resources will be shared here to educate and encourage us as we follow Jesus every day in pursuing racial reconciliation in our city and around the world. We hope you’ll join us!


“The Lord Jesus is our hope and He is the answer. Let’s bring Gospel peace, Gospel justice into the lives of people we know. Let’s be the change.” - Dr. Jeff Warren



Steps towards racial reconciliation:


1. Lament with hope

Start by grieving what has taken place, but grieve with hope that Jesus can heal through His mercy.

2. Educate with Empathy

Seek not just to learn, but to understand new perspectives.

3. Listen with humility

Hear the heart of others, which speaks so much more profoundly than words.

4. Act with courage

With the grace shown to us by Christ, boldly step in as a peacemaker.



Resources on racial reconciliation:


Podcasts to listen to:

Organizations to support:

  • Project Unity - a Dallas group of business, government, and clergy leaders with on-going opportunities to connect with people of different ethnicities - together we dine, pray, worship, ball, serve, test, etc… 
  • The Dallas Clergy Group - Co-founded by Pastors Bryan Carter and Jeff Warren. Supports the on-going work of racial reconciliation and social justice in Dallas among clergy across the city.
  • Initiative- a diverse group of young adults across racial lines, denominations, churches, growing and serving together in Dallas.