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Practicing the Way of Jesus While Sheltering



1. Start your day in quiet prayer and in the Word.

Before you look at anything digital- your phone, Instagram, or TV- pray. If you have kids ideally this will be before they wake up (which may mean going to bed earlier). And join our pastor, for an encouraging word, Monday through Friday on Midday Live.






2. Practice a ritual of gratitude.

Draw special attention to those things that are a blessing in these days and express your gratitude to God. Tell others how you’re thankful for them and what you love about them. This practice will make the burden of all that seems wrong less of a load to carry.






3. Exercise, ride your bike, or just go for a walk.

While socially distancing, find a great online workout just for you, go for a run, a bike ride, take a walk, or just sit outside. Not only will this practice keep you healthy but will also engage your body in the created order and will help you stay grounded before God.






4. Remove distractions, screen time, and bring special focus to a portion of your day.

Bring your attention to an activity off of your screens. Eliminate addictive and escapist behaviors, like gaming, drinking, or scrolling social media or news feeds. Instead, turn to cooking, painting or drawing, writing, reading, gardening, playing a fun game, etc.






5. Establish a relational touchpoint.

Seek to be fully present with family members, and one at a time, if possible. This may mean that you Facetime, Zoom call, or call someone. Bring your full attention to someone else for a period of time and focus on their needs.






6. Limit the intake of news.

So many things are changing every day, we feel we need to keep up with it all. And yet, almost all that is happening is out of our control. We only need to know so much and we weren’t meant to carry the weight of world news on our shoulders. It’s too much. Be disciplined and spend more time in God’s Word than you do catching up on the news.


How are you practicing the way of Jesus this week?

Let us know here. You are loved.