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Online Connect Groups

What is an Online Connect Group?

Online Connect Groups are the heartbeat of the church - where we gather to study, pray, care for one another, and serve our community. Although we can’t gather in person right how, our Connect Groups are still the place where our church becomes family!

How do I join a Connect Group?

We’d love to plug you into a Group today! Email and let us know you’d like to join a group.

How does my Connect Group go online?

 If your Connect Group is not already meeting online, here is how you can get started:









As we continue in this season of gathering online to worship, study, and connect as believers, join us for a churchwide study of the Gospel of Mark. Choose your study tools and your meeting platform – then let’s come around the story of Jesus in unity as a church family! We’ll find new perspective for following Him in these unusual days.

Below are the first steps to get your Online Connect Group started in our study of Mark!


Choose your platform:

This Week's Readings- Mark 15:40- 16:20

Key Concept: Because we are convinced that Jesus is the Son of God and long-awaited savior, our lives should reflect our faith in daily obedience and faithfulness to him. 

Monday, June 22 Mk 15:40-47
Tuesday, June 23 Mk 16:1-8
Wednesday, June 24 Mk 16:9-11
Thursday, June 25 Mk 16:12-13
Friday, June 26 Mk 16:14-20

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