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Current Series

The New Normal

June 7 – July 26

Everyone is talking about this “new normal” that has arrived without invitation and has completely disrupted our lives. One thing is certain: the new normal is uncertainty. But a crisis doesn’t define us – in fact, it reveals us! When everything turns upside down, we discover where we place our trust.

In the Old Testament we find the story of Daniel – a teenager who, along with his friends, was forced into a new normal in a single day. In 605 B.C., the Babylonians conquered Israel and among the first Israelites forced into detention was Daniel. His former life was gone, and he was forced to live in exile, far away from Jerusalem. How do you live – and even thrive – in a new normal, when the life you knew is taken away? Where do you turn for answers and assurance? Daniel discovered that his trust could be fully placed in God, come what may. Through his experience, we can find the “new normal” in ours, with confidence that God is in control.

June 7: Preparing for the New Normal
June 14: Gifted for the New Normal
June 21: Refusing to Bow
June 28: The Destruction of Pride
July 5: The Writing on the Wall
July 12: Success in the New Normal
July 19: Courage in the New Normal
July 26: The Forever New Normal