For Parents and the Whole Family

childrenimg1.jpgProviding a safe, happy, Christian learning environment for every child is the purpose of the Childhood Ministry.

Regardless of a family’s religious background, all are welcome to grow and learn about Christ in our world, our families, and our lives. Our ministry to children is growing every day as families bring their little ones to this safe and nurturing environment.

Preschoolers are active learners. Our programs enable them to explore, discover, create and construct by involving their senses in an array of age-appropriate opportunities. Teaching from a Biblically-based curriculum, we strive to develop in each child positive attitudes toward God, Jesus, the Bible, self, others, the natural world, family and church.

The preschool years are highly productive. There is no other comparable span of life in which a person learns so fast. During this intellectually fruitful time, we begin the process of introducing children to concepts related to God. Our goal is to establish a foundation for faith upon which all of life can be built. We count it a blessing to participate in a preschooler's spiritual growth and development.

First through fourth-graders know that they too are special at our church. The elementary years are vitally important in the physical, mental and spiritual development of a child. Realizing that the home is the center of a child's life, our ministry seeks to work hand-in-hand with parents to help them guide the spiritual growth of their children.

Sunday school is the primary ongoing program for children's Bible teaching. Each week, committed Christian adults teach Biblical principles and their application through the active learning vehicles of Bible study and group times.

There are many other programs for our children throughout the year, all of which support spiritual growth. Also, many of our church wide events are interpreted on children's level of understanding, so they too can enjoy participating along with the adults.

The children of Park Cities are building a solid-spiritual foundation on which to build their future. They are our most precious resource. As a church, we'll continue our commitment to love them, to teach them and to strive to meet their needs.


Jay Miller
Minister to Children
Marty Lewis
Minister to Preschoolers