Care Groups

Weekly Care and Recovery Groups

PCBC is here to offer support and accountability for those who are living with mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc.) and a separate support group for their family members. Throughout the year, we offer these self-help support groups tailored to specific needs and challenges that so many in our community face daily. 

You will be welcomed into a loving community of people whose desire is to follow Jesus everyday and to rely on his strength and embrace the future with hope. 

Care and Recovery Small Groups:

  • 12-Step Groups – for those struggling with addictions such as pornography, chemical dependency, and other behaviors.
  • Grace Peer to Peer – for those who are living with mental health struggles.
  • Grace Family to Family – for those who are supporting family members who are living with mental health diagnoses. 

Due to COVID, our Care and Recovery Groups are meeting via Zoom gatherings. Contact to learn more!

Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group

PCBC’s monthly Alzheimer’s Support Group is where caregivers join together to share encouragement, ideas, and advice as they care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. PCBC partners with the Alzheimer's Association to offer these groups and utilize their resources.


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