The Gospel According to Jesus Sermon Series

03.01.22 | Stories, Articles

    The Gospel According to Jesus: a study of the Gospel of Matthew

    Who is this King? Why should we follow Him? What does it mean to live in the Kingdom? This Easter season and throughout the Spring, we’ll be exploring the Gospel according to Jesus and what His Kingdom looks like—here on earth and in heaven. We’ll walk together through the Gospel of Matthew and see Jesus as King, hearing the words of Jesus about living in His Kingdom in wholeness and completeness.

    6 - Genealogy of the King
    13 - Coronation of the King
    20 - Reign of the King
    27 - Glory of the King

    3 - Anointing of the King
    10 - Triumph of the King
    17 - Victory of the King
    24 - "Why Are You Anxious?"

    1 - "Go and Be Reconciled"
    8 - "Here to There"
    15 - "Known By Your Fruit"
    22 - "Rest For Your Soul"
    29 - "I Am the Bread of Life"

    5 - "The Last Will Be First"
    12 - "Only Believe"
    19 - "All Things Are Possible"
    26 - "The First Will Be Last"

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