The Call to Multiply

The Call to Multiply

06.12.19 | Stories, Articles

    The Seekers Connect Group was adding to its numbers weekly—and had been for some time. “

    Our smaller group was fast becoming a larger group, growing by leaps and bounds,” recalls class leader, Steve Stutsman. “While this was exciting on the one hand, we also noted that we were beginning to lose the intimacy of a smaller group.”

    The idea of starting a new group from the original “Seekers” class was gradually discussed over the course of a year. Admittedly, this was an uncomfortable thought for many in the class—why change a good thing? Why upend a dynamic that was working so well and creating strong relationships?

    Still, the class continued to pray about the matter, ask questions, listen to hesitations and worries, and carefully weigh the pros and cons. When there were no easy answers, their focus returned to PCBC’s ministry strategy—the “how” that explains what we exist to do: Worship, Connect, Serve, Multiply. And the last of these—multiplication—is often the most challenging.

    Eydie and John Ginn, the couple asked to lead the new group, were hesitant at first themselves. “We really had no thought of leaving such a wonderful group,” John remembers. “But here’s the thing— when God calls us to salvation, He also calls us to discipleship. Our main focus must always be on expanding the Kingdom.”

    In September of 2018, Eydie and John’s new class, “EN-Joy” (“Empty Nesters Enjoy”) was officially instated. The room was full, and each transferring “Seekers” member heard and felt the support of their old classmates. Carla and Scott Robinson and Stacy Warren each agreed to take on on key leadership roles for EN-Joy, laying a firm foundation for the weeks and months ahead.

    “Our class has grown exponentially since the first day and our room is consistently filled,” says John. “The entire exercise was dependent upon the assistance of the members of our existing Connect Group. Each of them committed to pray with us and several were willing to give up the comfort of the group and join us in the early days to ensure that we had a sufficient seed group to begin.”

    For growing Connect Groups who find themselves in the same dilemma, John has some parting encouragement: “Following God to see what comes next is the most exciting part of the Christian walk—what better way to do it than with a new Connect Group and new friends?”

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