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06.27.19 | Stories, Articles

    Girls and Boys Clubs at Jack Lowe Elementary

    Park Cities’ love for the students and teachers of Jack Lowe Elementary is certainly no secret! What you might not know about is the great lengths our Men’s and Women’s Ministries have gone to ensure the relationship continues to flourish.

    When asked how PCBC could better serve her school, Principal Sandra Barrios didn’t hesitate to answer. What the long-time educator wanted to see most was a purposeful investment in her 5th grade girls and boys as they prepared emotionally, socially, and spiritually for the daunting transition into middle school.

    “So Royalty”

    Eagar to help, a committed group of PCBC women partnered with Jack Lowe teachers to create the “So Royalty” club, a play on word “sorority,” to emphasize the importance of sisterhood and to communicate that, as daughters of the King, the girls could, too, enjoy the privileges of royalty, belonging, and worth.

    “It’s a game changer,” says PCBC deacon, Terri Heard, who serves as a facilitator between the women’s ministry and Jack Lowe. “These fifth grade girls are sponges soaking up God’s love and His high opinion of them.”

    The “So Royalty” Club meets once a month, where the girls are taught short lessons on resilience, emotions, friendship, beauty, giving to others, bullying, making wise decisions, and more.

    “This club has meant so much to me,” says mentor Laurel Looney. “The girls remind me of the childlike joy I should have on a daily basis and I have seen them grow so much in the short time we have been together.”

    Teachers at Jack Lowe have also noticed a difference in the girls who participate, from the ways they interact among themselves, to the confidence they’ve gained in the classroom.

    At the end of the year, each “So Royalty” girl will receive a journal with handwritten entries from their mentor as a keepsake—a reminder of the depths of God’s love for them, and the forever-bond of sisters in Christ.

    Boys Will Be Men

    The ritual end of week meals shared between members of PCBC’s Men’s Ministry and the 5th grade boys of Jack Lowe have fondly become known as “The Friday Boys Club.”

    In coordination with a handful of dedicated teachers, the lunches are designed to serve as a simple, accessible time for our mentors to eat, laugh, and relate to their mentees, many of whom do not have a consistent male role model in their lives.

    “You can tell that it’s a highlight and a treat for them,”explains mentor Ryan Hefton. “We serve lunch and share stories about our families, our jobs, our hobbies, etc., and give the boys opportunities to share about their lives as well. My hope is that we can get some of those young men to attend VBS this summer.”

    “By the second lunch, I had been invited to come watch soccer games after school,” recalls club mentor, Keith Beasley. “It was clear how very little it takes in the way of involvement to earn these kids respect and love. If you can spare one or two Friday’s each month to jump in with us—and seriously, you know you can—then come on!”

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