Stories of Rescue: Stan

Stories of Rescue: Stan

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    Our Mission: Rescuing one another from cultural Christianity to follow Jesus every day. (Colossians 1:13–14)

    Stan Knight and his wife, Elizabeth, have been members of Park Cities for 44 years. A successful attorney born and raised in a strong faith community, Stan saw Christianity as a hallmark of everyday life. It was familiar and comforting, a marker of tradition and the status quo in a quiet Texas town.

    “I was a pretty good guy, but Jesus wasn’t the center of my life.”

    Then he met a man named Charlie Bruton.

    Charlie was one of Stan’s clients facing a 10-year sentence for two felony charges. One day, Stan was prompted to visit Charlie in jail—something he had never felt inclined to do before.

    “I never even thought about people who were locked up. It wasn’t until later that I realized God had directed that path.”

    That initial visit was the first of many Stan would make during Charlie’s time in prison. The two exchanged letters throughout the decade Charlie spent behind bars. During those years, God was working in Stan’s life in a whole new way.

    “God called me to become a stronger Christian and to follow Him more closely, to get off the bench and get in the game.”

    As Stan grew, he began
 to share the gospel with Charlie, who later accepted Christ. The friendship was mutually encouraging. Charlie introduced Stan to program called “Weekend
 of Champions,” a prison outreach that visited his unit and brought in Christian athletes and celebrities to share Christ with the inmates. Stan was intrigued and began volunteering.

    “By Spring of 1998, things were really changing in my life...the more I got involved in ministering to prisoners, the more I lost interest in my law practice. I got to the point where I really dreaded going to the office.”

    Financially, it didn’t seem possible, especially with his daughter about to head off for college. But over the course of a few days, two complete strangers provided exactly the amount Stan needed to close the doors of his law office and take the plunge: $50,000.

    After a few more divine “nudges,” including the accidental omission of his law practice from the Dallas phone book, Stan closed up shop and went into full-time ministry.

    Since that time, Stan has continued to minister to prisoners with the Gospel
of Jesus. In March 1999, Park Cities ordained him as a Minister of the Gospel.


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