Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty

11.30.17 | Stories, Articles, Interest, Missions

    The PCBC missions team bound for the Caribbean was already small by most standards--seven people, to be exact. Seven people to help facilitate a youth camp made up of 126 eager teens and young adults.

     Then, after a series of unexpected challenges, the team’s numbers dwindled to three. But instead of canceling the trip, Juan and Lourdes Macias and Monica Beaty decided to put their faith in the God of the impossible, calling themselves, “The Gideon Team”.

     And like Gideon and his tiny army, the PCBC team and their Caribbean church partners faced opposition that seemed insurmountable. But throughout the week, God provided in surprising and miraculous ways:

     The team managed to fit all of the curriculum and supplies for the camp in their checked luggage; a substitute pastor was secured at the last minute after three previous commitments fell-through; thirty-nine young people accepted the gift of salvation through Christ; and another local Caribbean church (the sixth in seven years) is now trained and empowered to host future youth camps. All miracles.

     “It was fantastic to see how quickly our volunteers from the local church rallied, taking responsibility with joy and excitement,” the team shared. “Watching them grow into this role brought tears of happiness to our eyes.”

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