Season of Joy: Adult Virtual Retreat

Season of Joy: Adult Virtual Retreat

02.12.21 | Stories, Articles, Adults (60s +)

    Watch our Season of Joy Adult Virtual Retreat from February 9-10, 2021, again or for the first time!

    Keynote Speakers

    Day 1 Morning Session: Dr. Jeff Warren                                             WATCH
    Day 1 Evening Session: Dr. Ken Hall                                                   WATCH
    Day 2 Morning Session: Rev. Dr. Angela Williams Gorrell                WATCH 
    Day 2 Evening Session: Dr. Dennis Swanberg                                   WATCH


    Heart Healthy Tips | Kate Loman                                                        WATCH
    How to Supercharge Your Brain | Katie Hinds                                   WATCH
    Living a Legacy of Faith to our Families | Cynthia Yanof                   WATCH
    Research in Brain Health | Stacy Vernon                                             WATCH
    Innovation & Storytelling to Support Brain Health | Jillian Hill         WATCH
    Watercolor Painting Basics | Bill Propes                                              WATCH
    Rightsizing: Getting a Jump on Spring Cleaning | Cheryl Morgan     WATCH
    Fun & Fitness | Laurie Tharp                                                                 WATCH

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