PCBC Serves Jack Lowe Elementary

PCBC Serves Jack Lowe Elementary

12.07.17 | Articles, Interest, Women, Missions, Generosity

    After years of serving the surrounding community, PCBC is thrilled to “adopt” Jack Lowe Elementary as a focus for ministry to our local neighbors.

     “Our primary goal is to care for and bless teachers and administrators, who, in turn, will bless their students,” PCBC Mission Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Lamberth, explains.

     In August, Lamberth and other PCBC volunteers hosted a back-to-school event to kick off the new partnership and to shower the school staff with resources and support for the coming academic year. Teachers received school supply boxes, personalized notes of encouragement, and more, and were invited to pray with team members.

     The approach is welcomed by Jack Lowe’s principal, Sandra Barrios, who says the partnership with Park Cities was a specific answer her prayers. Located in the heart of the Vickery Meadows’ multi-ethnic, low-income community, many of her students are from refugee families who were recently resettled in the United States. At least a dozen countries and about two dozen languages and dialects are represented in the school, making the work of the teachers immensely challenging.

     And yet, with these challenges come numerous opportunities to make a difference. Every single teacher and administrator at Jack Lowe has been “adopted” by a PCBC Sunday school class. This connection will provide educators with a regular source of prayer and support throughout the school year. Other ministries include providing meals and snacks for teachers, organizing monthly gifts of appreciation, and sending volunteers to aid classrooms and complete service projects.

     For more information about our partnership with Jack Lowe Elementary or to volunteer, contact: Jessica Lamberth at

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