Not Okay | August 16 - September 6 Message Series

Not Okay | August 16 - September 6 Message Series

08.06.20 | Stories, Articles

    Not Okay

    Finding Hope in Our Weariness

    August 16 – September 6


    During this particular season, it seems that most everyone is becoming weary. In this message series, we want everyone to know it’s okay to not be okay and experience times of great struggle in our lives as believers. It’s not okay to give up or give in – but to struggle through – with God’s presence leading us. As we trust in Him and follow His Word, He has promised to be with us and help us prevail through difficult times.

    For four weeks we will look at a different kind of struggle that you or someone you love might be experiencing, and ultimately find that in even our darkest moments, hope in Christ can also be present.

    August 16: Discouragement
    August 23: Exhaustion
    August 30: Anxiety
    September 6: Depression

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