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My Church for Life: The Wittenburg Family

My Church for Life: The Wittenburg Family

09.14.18 | Stories, Articles, Married Adults, Family

    Community. Connection. Belonging. We all recognize the value of these concepts. But sometimes, what we value isn’t always easy to achieve practically.

    Where do we go to make life- long friends? Where should we live, and do we actually know our neighbors? And what about our kids—what kind of community are we building for them?

    Dave and Bethany Wittenburg had the same questions. Being in the middle of raising four young children made those questions seem all the more urgent.

    Since joining Park Cities in 2012, the family acclimated quickly to the rhythms of church life. The Wittenburg kids love PCBC’s children’s programming—VBS and summer camps especially
 are a big hit; and Owen, the oldest, was recently baptized on the church lawn. Dave and Bethany are a part of The Body Connect group, where they’ve found welcome, support, and belonging. Everyone was flourishing.

    But as their family grew, the couple’s vision for the future also expanded. They had always dreamed of moving
 out of the city. There would be more space and less stress, but it would be further away from Park Cities and the friendships they had forged over the course of six years.

    After much prayer and deliberation, Dave and Bethany decided to take the plunge. But instead of moving further away, the Wittenburgs will soon be closer than ever to their church, to their community of friends, to the life they always wanted for their family.

    “One of the biggest factors in our decision was PCBC...we’re moving closer to our church family because, as we’re raising our children, we recognize that our most important job as parents is to teach them the Gospel,” explains Bethany.

    It's not always easy getting acclimated to a large church like ours. If that’s where you find yourself today, Dave and Bethany have some parting words of encouragement:

    "For the longest time our church felt too big to us. We didn’t join a Connect Group for about four years, and regret that. We would say to anyone considering joining PCBC: get involved in a Connect Group. After joining ours, we definitely feel that the church has grown smaller and relationships
more meaningful."

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