Ministry Without Words

Ministry Without Words

09.04.19 | Stories, Articles

    One of the touchstones of PCBC life is getting to experience the excellence and beauty of our traditional service each week in the Sanctuary. It is a sacred space, but an inviting one—calling us to bear witness to what God has done and is doing among us. Helping lead us in that experience, though not through words, is the Orchestra at PCBC.

    The 37-member ensemble has been around for 20 years, and is led by Worship and Music Associate, Keith Meek, who joined our staff at Park Cities four years ago.

    “One of the really amazing things about music is that it reaches into your emotions--not just your intellect,” Keith shares. “The Orchestra’s role is to support the text the Choir delivers with sounds, colors of sound, and rhythms. It is a new level of communication that peels back our inner defenses. Music delivers the Gospel through the heart.”

    Comprised of talented musicians from all backgrounds and ages, the Orchestra could also be described as its own Connect Group, its own prayer and support system, and its own family within our church.

    Mark and Rhonda Sherwood are charter members of the Orchestra and have invested continuously in its growth. “This collective ministry has gone farther and deeper than I ever imagined it could,” says Mark. “Few churches experience this form of worship.”

    “It's hard to put into words something that transcends words,” says Rhonda. “God has turned us into a family.”

    In addition to leading worship on Sundays, Orchestra members dedicate their time and expertise to the surrounding community through teaching, hosting workshops at schools, and investing in the lives of other Dallas musicians.

    Newcomer Jin Suk Park, has grown to love the Orchestra as something that adds to both her spiritual and personal life. “Being a part of the orchestra is my aspiration to worship with others as one entity through compassion and gratitude.”

    We, the church, are grateful, too. Thank you for teaching us that there are many ways of worshipping, and that each of us, together, makes a beautiful sound.

    The Orchestra at Park Cities rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm in the Sanctuary.

    Contact Keith Meek to learn more! g or 214.860.1557.

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