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Ministry Strategy: Serve

Throughout our lives, human beings develop important rhythms and habits based on what we truly value. A church is no different! Our strategy is simply a blueprint for practically living out what matters to us as a church. It is a model, not a mandate; a charter, not a checklist. By participating consistently in these liturgies as a church family, we believe God will bring us closer together in faith and purpose. Here, we’ll focus on just one aspect of our ministry strategy: Serve.  

What do we mean by Serve?

Jesus told his disciples that the greatest among them would be the “servant of all”. From his life and ministry, we see a compassionate advocate of the marginalized, a healer of the sick, an open embrace for the stranger—a servant king ushering in his heavenly Kingdom here on earth. The more we seek servanthood, the more we come to understand the Father’s deep love for us through the revolutionary message of the Gospel. Serving is a privilege. A joy. An opportunity to know God intimately as we see his image in the faces of our brothers and sisters.

Why is serving important?

God is already working in incredible ways in our families, our church, our city, and around the world . . . and we want to join Him. PCBC believes that every single member of our church family has something uniquely valuable to offer in the service of others. Your skills, personality, experience, gifts, and time are vital to this remarkable journey we’re on together. Through taking part in missions and volunteer opportunities, you have the chance to actively participate in healing and restoring the world through the Gospel.

How do I make serving a part of my life now?

When it comes to deciding where to serve, it's important to think about your gifts and your passions. 

What do you love doing? What knowledge or experience do you have that would benefit others? What kind of environments do you find energizing/draining? Is your schedule flexible or do you enjoy routine? 

Answering these kinds of questions will help you narrow down what volunteer opportunities work best for you. 

Next, explore the huge variety of serving options we offer within the church, with partnering organizations in Dallas, and through missions outreach abroad. 

At PCBC, we are always looking for help in our children’s ministries, sports outreach activities, parking and greeting, technical production, library services, and more! 

In the Dallas community and overseas, we partner with trusted ministries who regularly need our help to thrive. We minister to the homeless, refugees, single mothers, immigrants, prisoners, and at-risk youth, among other needy populations. Globally, our focus is to equip and empower local churches to thrive independently as they share the Gospel in their own communities. Mission and outreach trips are available to select countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America throughout the year.

Want to get plugged into a ministry or volunteer opportunity? Learn more here.

What serving means to our members

“I know now that generosity isn’t just about money, it’s about giving your time, your talent, and your gifts.”

–Ashley Filkins, 1st-grade AWANA volunteer at PCBC 

“The people we serve don’t feel loved or important. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them. I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest dreams working here. These people have nothing, but they love the Lord. It’s amazing.”

–Nancy Rockwell, Cornerstone’s ministry for the homeless in Dallas 

“One of the biggest areas of need is here in Dallas. Hard working people can’t pay their rent. They struggle to feed and clothe their children. That burdened my heart. We are going to make a difference here [at Vickery House]. We want people to accept Christ, but we also want to change their lives. We want to build stronger families."

–Bob Herrera, volunteer leader of PCBC’s alms ministry and Vickery House outreach to refugee and immigrant families

"I love serving in the Caribbean. We do a youth camp for 12-20-year-olds each summer there. God always uses specific people I encounter to teach and remind me of how to follow Him, how to find joy no matter what my circumstances, and to dedicate my life to serving Him."

–Anna Berry, Caribbean mission trip volunteer

Meet the Staff

Dr. Jeff Warren

Senior Pastor

office: 214.860.3972

Michael Adams

Director of Safety & Security

office: 214-860-3957

Dr. Rolando Aguirre

Associate Pastor of Teaching and Spanish Language Ministries

office: 214.860.3918

Steve Audish

Sr. Digital Media Specialist

office: 214-860-1577

Jess Barfield

Creative Director

office: 214.860.1500

Kate Bartke

Preschool Intern

Nickie Bartlett

Day School Director

office: 214.860.1520

Valerie Bergstrom

Wedding and Funeral Coordinator (Part-Time)

office: 214-860-1531

Brandon Boyd

Operations and Outreach Pastor

office: 214-860-1556

Vicki Caldwell

Senior Adult Associate

office: 214.860.1599

Tatiana Cardenas

Spanish Language Ministry Resident

office: 214.860.1500

Stephen T. Carrell

Associate Pastor of Worship & Music

office: 214-860-1547

Ann Chacko

HR Manager

office: 214-860-1511

Derrick Chhay

Sr. Graphic Designer

office: 214-860-1561

Jan Cleveland

Administrative Assistant for Worship & Music

office: 214-860-1549

Judy Collins

Boomer/Sr. Adult Assistant

office: 214-860-1533

Travis Cook

Associate Pastor of Teaching and Single Adults

office: 214-860-1690

Cassidy Davis

Social Media and Content Coordinator

office: 214.860.1500

Whitney Davis

Guest Relations Director/Membership Specialist

office: 214-860-3902

Laurie Elkins

Receptionist/Switchboard Operator

office: 214-860-1500

Alma Escobar

Ministry Assistant to Spanish Language Ministries

Cindy Farmer

Childhood Education Associate - Threes – Kindergarten (Part-Time)

office: 214-860-1519

Grant Glover

Interim High School Minister & College Director

office: 214.860.1500

Dr. Kelly Hamilton

Missions Minister

office: 214-860-1565

Mark Harrison

Director of Properties and Services Ministries

office: 214.860.1553

Meghan Hendrickson

Minister to Women and Discipleship Resource Director

office: 214.860.1500

Tanner Holman

Production Director

office: 214-860-1598

Gregory Housewright

Director of Life Safety & Security

Elizabeth Knight

Ministry Assistant to Adults (30s - 50s)

office: 214-860-1542

Neva Knight

Preschool Ministry Assistant

office: 214-860-1523

Jessica Lamberth

Mission Volunteer Coordinator

office: 214-860-3916

Marty Lewis

Minister to Preschool

office: 214-860-1585

Barbara Loest

Boomer/Senior Adult and Prayer Associate

office: 214-860-1551

T.J. Marrow

Next Gen Pastor and Middle School Minister

office: 214-860-1576

Dr. Jack Martin

Minister of Pastoral Care

office: 214-860-3901

Hannah Martin

Student Ministry Intern

Lamar Meaders

Finance Director

office: 214-860-1512

Keith Meek

Worship & Music Associate - Orchestra

office: 214-860-1557

Jay Miller

Minister to Kids

office: 214-860-3917

Melinda Moran

Assistant to Operations & Outreach Pastor/Office Manager

office: 214-860-1575

Kirk Norris

Production & Technical Director

office: 214.860.1598

Dr. Han Oh

Great Hall Worship Pastor

office: 214.860.1548

Rebecca Peak

Assistant to Cory Thurman, Pastor of Ministries

Stacey Rauscher

Administrative Assistant

office: 214-860-1540

Caleb Rhoades

Adult Ministry Resident

office: 214.860.1500

Catherine Rhoades

Creative Arts Resident

office: 214.860.1500

Pam Richardson

Financial Associate

office: 214.860.1509

Ann Roberts

Assistant to Missions Minister

office: 214.860.3949

Denny Robinson

PCBC en Español Worship Leader

Rodney Schell

Executive Pastor

office: 214.860.1559

Kathie Smith

Assistant to Executive Pastor

office: 214-860-1559

Jake Stein

Schmidt Stephanie

Lori Swarner

Communications Director

office: 214-860-1526

Rebekah Tabb

Sports Outreach Director

office: 214-860-1692

Laurie Tharp

Sports & Recreation Program Director

office: 214-860-1570

Paige Thompson

Shelby Todd

Kids Ministry Coordinator

Linda Wachel


office: 214-860-1593

Morgan Womack

Girls’ Minister

office: 214-860-1580

Karen Zukoski

Kids Choir Coordinator

office: 214-860-1552