Little Things That Matter Most

Little Things That Matter Most

12.19.18 | Stories, Articles, Missions

     PCBC has been home for Candi Hollingsed and her family since 2013. She and her 13-year-old son Jack were both baptized here. It’s a place where they belong and regularly connect with friends, classmates and neighbors. But if there’s anyone who believes that faith extends far beyond Sunday’s four walls, it’s Candi.

    Last Christmas, Candi rallied the families in Jack’s 6th grade class at White Rock Elementary, several of whom are members at Park Cities, to provide Christmas gifts for all 57 elderly residents at DiversaCare, a nursing facility for elderly patients battling dementia, Alzheimer’s and other challenges.

    “It all started with a divine ‘nudge,’” shares Candi. “I just felt like I needed to stop in. I asked if they had any plans for Christmas and if I could help.”

    Inside, she was greeted by a lone Christmas tree, adorned with 57 paper angels. Inscribed on the backs were each resident’s meager requests. Socks. Slippers. Pajamas. No one asked for much. Without hesitation, Candi took five angels from the tree.

    “Then I started thinking, ‘What if no one else sponsors the other residents? What if only a few even receive gifts at all?’” She returned to collect all 57 angels. “I had no idea how it would come together. It just started with an e-mail.”

    These simple actions led to Jack’s class raising $1,400 to purchase the gifts, with the local J.C. Penney manager also chipping in to provide a discount! Donned in Santa hats, Jack’s class delivered the gifts, sang carols and hugged patients, many of whom have never had a visitor. “It really was a miracle. A beautiful moment for everyone there.”

    In the small, quiet, in-between moments of life, our faith often grows the most. “The littlest things—things that seem insignificant—matter to God. We are terrified of rejection and it keeps us from acting on what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. Listen to that small voice— it doesn’t have to be grand or ornate—or even hosted by the church—for it to be a service to God.”

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