Life on Purpose: Kristin Hodges

Life on Purpose: Kristin Hodges

01.17.19 | Stories, Articles

    In the Fall of 2016, Kristin Hodges was a sophomore college student majoring in Music Education and participating in drum core at SMU. “I was raised Anglican and hadn’t gone to church since I was a senior in high school. I had a lot of questions and had given up on the whole church thing.”

     During the summer leading up to the semester, she suffered a major injury that left her sidelined from drum core and deeply discouraged about where to find her place. She first stumbled upon PCBC’s “The Hill” ministry when they were handing out Steel City Pops on campus—a fateful meeting that would be the beginning of something new for Kristin.

     “I was skeptical at first. I hadn’t had much success with tough conversations involving church people. But I just kept coming and then eventually found my way to PCBC.”

     Over the course of two and a half years, Kristen has found belonging and acceptance in the places and people she least expected. “The conversations Alex (Wolfe, Hill Ministry leader) promotes are so productive in connecting God and the Bible to how to navigate the world we live in. For instance, science and the Bible aren’t mutually exclusive competitors. They actually help explain each other. ”

     While questions and discussion seem to energize the Hill ministry, relationships are what keep students like Kristen coming back. “I’ve made some of my best friends there—it’s a community that cares for one another. It was opening and welcoming from the very beginning.” 

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