Joined at the Heart

Joined at the Heart

02.01.18 | Stories, Articles, Interest, Men, Connect

    If you’ve been at PCBC for any length of time, you’re probably pretty familiar with the buzzwords “Connect” and “Serve”-- and for good reason! These terms help define crucial parts of our ministry strategy as a church. But lately, God has been showing us over and over that there’s another critical piece of wisdom that deserves emphasis : Connection and service works best when lived out together. Here’s what we mean:

     Over the years, we’ve watched the CONNECT groups that flourish the most are the ones who commit to serving regularly together. We believe that serving strengthens the bonds of friendship, allows groups to spend more quality time together, and orients folks around a common purpose.

     The men’s CONNECT group that Brian Fant leads is a prime example. For the past five years, the class has been working with The Men of Nehemiah, a “comprehensive discipleship and addiction recovery program for men, particularly men who are homeless and/or formerly incarcerated,” based in south Dallas.

     “God has richly blessed and grown our relationship with them which resulted in more involvement than we ever imagined,” explained Fant.

     The sheer range of opportunities to serve within this single ministry has allowed many in the class to use their passion and expertise for God’s glory The group has hosted Christmas parties for the men in the program and their families, helped lead a weekly Bible study, provided hundreds of nutritious meals, taught life-skills classes, and more.

     “This on-going ministry has been life changing for our class, and a wonderful example of how God can use anyone in His service, even “knuckleheads” like us!”

     An easy way to begin serving together as a group is to attend one of our monthly PCBC Serves events this year. Each gathering features a different ministry partner and service project, perfect for any group looking for a specific partner to support.

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