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Identity l April 19 – May 31 Sermon Series

Identity l April 19 – May 31 Sermon Series

04.09.20 | Stories, Articles

    April 19 – May 31

    Most of us define ourselves by what we do or what we have, a job or position, or by our past or our hopes for the future. Many of us spend a lifetime trying to forge our own identity, creating what we hope will be true of us. There are many things that are true about you, but what is the truest thing about you? What if true identity is not based on what we create, but in the grand truth of who God says you are?

    As we continue to face circumstances out of our control in this post-Easter season, we must ask, “How does the life of Jesus, the cross, and His resurrection change my life today?” “How can I find meaning when everything changes in an instant?” “What can I hold on to that will never change?”

    April 19 – You Are Accepted
    April 26 – You Are New
    May 3 – You Are Enough
    May 10 – Mother’s Day Message
    May 17 – You Are Loved
    May 24 – You Are Becoming
    May 31 – You Will Be Changed

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